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Are these two separate issues or one large one?

Background: I'm a 21 year old student whose studying abroad this semester and am trying to figure out if I should go to a private gp here or wait until I'm back in the states in 4 weeks.

-2 weeks ago I noticed I was completely constipated, and have had barely 2 movements since- yet I don't feel the urge or feel uncomfortable.
-Last week, I noticed I was more bloated than usual (though within the past few months I've been constantly bloated..I thought I may just be putting on stomach weight.)
-Last week I also noticed I am having trouble holding in pee- which is very abnormal for me- (its a joke in my family that I can hold pee forever without an issue).
-About 3 days ago I started cramping really badly and began bleeding. My period shouldn't be coming for another 2 weeks so this alarmed me. I keep a period journal and looked back to realize I got a period 2 weeks early in Febuary as well, and have been having either heavier or worse cramps since...I hadn't noticed the pattern until reading back on it today. Ever since the bleeding began a few days ago, I've been bleeding and having constant cramps. I don't think they're stomach cramps from the constipation, they're lower.

When looking up symptoms, I saw I'm having a lot of signs of ovarian cancer and the constipation could be caused by that. However, it's so rare for my age that I think I'm paranoid.. (But everyone on my mom's side of the family has had cancer; and my mom had it in the colon, so it raises my risk of ovarian cancer)

I was also thinking it could be Chlamydia because of the bleeding between periods and pelvic pain (and I've been a little itchy but that happens to me sometimes and can't tell if this time is different because I'm on high alert for any symptoms). On the flip side, an STI would be very unlikely because the only time I've had sex in the past year was 3 weeks ago with a guy who was a virgin before me- and we used a condom. (Also don't think I'm pregnant- I have an IUD as well)
I was thinking I could've gotten an STI from him when I received oral sex 2 weekends ago, but read its very very abnormal to get an STI by receiving oral from a guy. (though I'm not sure of his oral sex history, I don't think he's had a lot of partners like that)

It could always be something simple like a random early period and constipation; but I can just feel something is up with my body and am not sure how to handle it. The private gp I was looking at charges 180$ for a STI test so I really would like to avoid it if an STI is as unlikely as I think it is.
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Is there any unusual discharge? Ovarian cancer would be extremely far fetched especially for your age group..  also I wouldn't believe a guy telling you he's a virgin , I would definitely go to the doctor and get some simple tests done, chlamydia they can find in a urine sample and it would be a simple non invasive test,  however don't freak out, having abnormal periods every now and again can be normal your cycle can change especially being young. Hopefully you find some answers, but going to the gyno or doctor is always best so you can be reassured and they see this hundred of times a week so nothing to be embarrassed about !
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I don't know about the period stuff, however when traveling it's very common to be constapated for a while as your body adjusts to the new environment
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