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Baking soda and pain?

I washed my vagina with baking soda this morning because I thought it would make it not smell by the end of the day then an hour later when I went pee it burned, and it also burned the other 2 times I peed today.  Is this a bladder infection or did I just irritate something? I am not experiencing frequency of urination. Please help. Thanks!!
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Possibly the pain has something to do with whatever it was that gave you the smell, and possibly it has something to do with the baking soda.  Have you ever washed your vagina with baking soda before?
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The vagina is supposed to be slightly acidic because of good bacteria in it releasing acidic waste. This acidity keeps yeast infections at bay. By washing the vagina with anything you will increase the pH of you vagina causing yeast infection or allowing pathogenic bacteria in the vagina to take over. That's why people say not to doush. You more than likely have an infection and you should see the doctor as soon as possible. Most vaginas smell and there is really nothing you can do about it. Most of time other people can't smell it just by being around you. If want to have sex with someone and you are worried about your vagina's natural smell put a little perfume between your thighs away from genitals.
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