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Bleeding after Mirena IUD removal

About three weeks ago, I had a mirena IUD removed after 5 years of use. I  am 51, and have not had a period in 2 years. I thought I had gone through menopause - hot flashes, night sweats, etc. Now, I am having a period! I did have 4 days of light spotting after the mirena came out. Now, I started with two days of brown spotting, and now the blood is birght red, and seems to be picking up speed. Is this normal?
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hi in reply to your post i had mine removed 3 weeks ago i am 55 and just the same as you i thought it was all over for me too! i looked on the internet to see if anyone else had the same and it sounds like we bothhave!
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Hello, I have just found this site after searching for help in regard to bleeding after the removal of my mirena 3 days ago, I am 52, & only had it in 1 1/2 years, but was told by my specialsit it could be taken out as my blood test showed I was now post menopausal. With night sweats 5 times a night & feeling flat & tired all the time, I agreed with him, now I am bleeding like I have a period & wondering is this normal, but thanks to your comments I can see this is common. But is it right that us menopausal women have this bleeding  problem?
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I have the mirena removed 6 days ago after having it in  for 5 years- I am 59 and hadn't had a period for 5 years! I started spotting then it started getting heavier is this normal?
I had my removed 2 weeks a go now bleeding my age 59 mirena been in for 7 years
I am wanting mine removed, I had it in 2007 and yea I know it should be 5 years. and its now 12 but it has never bothered me.  I am 55 and haven't had any bleeding or spotting for 5 years. I am hoping that the hormones in the mirena will be gone and I have gone through the menopause, I only have 2 bothersome sweats when I wake and when I get in bed others I can handle. Trouble is I am very scared to have it removed as it says the easiest time is period time(no periods) and I have a tilted womb so I am really bothered. Any of you ladies if you can give advice it will be greatfully recieved
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i just found this on the Mirena website.  I had mine removed 4 days ago and now i'm bleeding heavily.   I found out that Mirena removal due to menopause, and experiencing bleeding is common:

Bleeding after Mirena removal is usually a case of hormonal balance.  When you suddenly remove the Mirena– the current source of external hormones– you deprive your body of its daily dose of levonorgestrel (progesterone).
This creates a state of hormonal shock, because now there is excess estrogen.  It is this excess estrogen that ultimately causes the uncomfortable symptoms in your body after Mirena removal– including heavy, irregular vaginal bleeding and severe cramps.  
The body eventually achieves its normal balance, but not until all remains of levonorgestrel are gone.  
This takes time, normally 6-8 months, especially without any aid.
I too have just found this forum. I'm nearly 56 and had my mirena out 14 weeks ago after having the same one for 10yrs. (Dreading removal as insertion was so painful). Not a drop of blood til a couple of weeks ago and now it's constant though not heavy. My hot flushes however came back with a bang and are only just subsiding. Am so disappointed I thought I was past all this malarkey. I barely had a show the entire time I had it...
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