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Bleeding after period

I'm 16, I just had my 7 day period. Tuesday was the 7th day.  Yesterday my boyfriend and I did oral for only like 3 minutes.  Today I went swimming and it felt like I was bleeding again, so I got out.  I was bleeding but it was light and not heavy so I cleaned up and stayed out of the pool.  I just got home from a long long day , and blood again!! Went through my underwear on to my shorts.  Btw I wasn't bleeding Wednesday!! It's like it stopped for a day and came back.  Why??
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Women's periods can often be irregular, especially at your age. This has happened to me before. If there has been no trauma (injury) then I would chalk it up to it being irregular. You could still go to your doctor about it, and maybe even get him/her to check your iron levels. If you have a full 7 day period you don't want to get an iron deficiency. Good luck!
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