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Blood In Urine, lots of pain!

18, female, I have to pee literally every 5 seconds and it burns like no other and when I go only a little bit of blood comes out and it's so painful this only started a few hours ago, I woke up with it but before this I've been fine.

FYI: I recently changed to an all-banana diet (eating only bananas and water all day), has that done something? I'm only on day 3 of 12.
I'm eating some food now just in case.
I have never experienced this before.
it has calmed down ever so slightly after eating food, I'm still in pain and have to pee desperately though.
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Hi there,

You absolutely have an infection! See a doctor as soon as possible!

I don't believe it's caused by your diet, but there's always a possibility since you're lacking nutrients in other areas and your immune system would be open to a variety of things. Like AM1995, I highly recommend getting off of that diet immediately. A banana/water only diet will cause you to lose weight, yes, but not to the degree you're looking for. If you're trying a fast, no fast would last longer than 5-7 days either. Whoever, or whichever site, gave you that advice needs to be looked at immensely! If you'd like some diet advice, feel free to message me privately and I can help you with some tips and ideas that have helped me and others by my personal trainer and nutritionist.
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It sounds like you could have an infection, maybe urinary tract or kidney. I would call your doctor. Also, that diets sounds really unhealthy! There's no way your body is getting everything it needs from bananas and water. I would stop that and if you're trying to lose weight, just watch your portions and eat fresh foods as much as possible and cut processed "foods" out.
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Could be a kidney stone. You should go to doctor asap . Be careful with banana only diet, bc they are full of potassium and too much potassium can be bad for your body.
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