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Blue green stains in panties

I have been very worried and can't get in to see my doctor for a while. I had my baby 5 weeks ago and I have been getting blueish green stains in my panties, I have discharge but the stains are on the edges of my panties around my pantie liner. Could it be caused by my sweat due to some kind of hormone or should I be worried?? Am I alone? It's not smelly but I am kinda chunky so I sweat a lot but the color of it is scary. I get the stains on my pantie liners sometimes also but its dry stains not the discharge. I have had discharge most my life. I am just lost and needing to know if anyone else has a clue as to what it can be!!!!!
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Hi there and welcome to the forum.  Congrats on the baby!!  Very exciting!  Okay, could your discharge from having the baby be mixing with some dye from perhaps your jeans, underwear, sweat pants, etc?  Weird question but it was something that comes to mind.  Do you have a post baby visit at 6 weeks?  That is routine in my area to be rechecked after giving birth.  That appt. should be coming up for you.  Otherwise, if it continues, hey . . .  tell them you need to be seen.  Most doctors office have time set aside daily for acute care visits.  Take one of those appts.  You call day of and say "I am having an issue and need to be seen today."  I've never been turned down for that type of appt. with a variety of doctors (not specialists like dermatologist though) including my ob/gyn.  

I am guessing somehow a bit of jean or something got mixed in though.  good luck
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You might google chromhidrosis, a medical condition (quite rare) that produces colored sweat.  But if you had it, apparently it would be in your armpits or on your face, not in your genital area.  Therefore I'm with specialmom that perhaps it is from dye.
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Well ya learn something new everyday!   ;D

Googling "blue sweat",  there are a LOT of people who seem to have this same question.
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Well I am certain it's not from dye because most the time I don't wear pants unless i leave the house. I wear a night gown at home because I am addicted to the comfort. lol I am scared to death that something is wrong. I also googled it and seen everything from stds to hormone changes. I pray it's not a std or cancer. I been with my husband for years and I will kill him. Not really but i will be pissed!!!!
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Hey! I get those blue spots on my underwear too! It happens after they go through the wash. It is not from blue jeans, or a dye. There are a number of women going on forums trying to get answers to this phenomenon, but I haven't found any yet. All I can think of is that it is a chemical reaction that occurs in the washing process, either because of detergent and or minerals in the water (I have hard water). The blue spots don't come out. They are speckled all over several of my underwear. Is this what you are having? I never had this until a year after giving birth. It is really weird.
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Same **** happening having blue stains all over my undies. !do anyone get clue wot this **** is about ?? Hell worried.i even changed my undiesand nowbagaim ol panties are stained blue . ! :(
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I have the same problem blue stains in my underwear at the right edge of my pentyliner..I am a virgin so I'm very worried that it could be an indicator for an illness or something.
Glad im not the only one. Most posts are from woman who are either pregnant right now or they had a kid before and i have the same problem but im still a virgin. My stains are on the left side though. At first it was just in one pair of underwear (that was a light blue. So i figured it was just staining like with jeans or something) but then it just recently happened to my pink pair which is why im searching for an answer.
Hi teamflash8.  So, this is just on your underwear and not on toilet paper when you wipe?  It could be a chemical reaction with your undies.  I'd wear only cotton panties to see if it continues to happen.
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More than likely it's caused by a certain type of bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa and it often coexists with other species of bacteria.  Ask your doctor to get a swabs of your vaginal area and culture it so you'll be sure. And if that checks out, then an oral antibiotic (ciprofloxacin works well) and a topical ointment may provide complete resolution in as little as 2 weeks.
That's a good recommendation.  I had it once due to die in my clothing too.  But if someone has a bacterial issue, good to get that taken care of.  Do you know if pseudomonas aeruginosa has any other symptoms?  What else would a woman look out for?
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Hard water, huh..

Hi all, I too started having this issue a few weeks ago . My liners turn a light bluish green anound the edges and towards the front. There's no smell or itching, it doesn't seem to be dye because it happens on my neutral colored panties too and I'm a virgin so it's not an std I'm 99.99 % sure. I don't get a blue streak when I wipe.

One thing that is different though, is that this started happening right after I moved to a place with hard water.

I don't know how to test the water hardness, but I see a lot of scum floating on top of the water, which I am told is calcium. I have used hydrogen peroxide on the water to make sure that the scum is not bacteria or something, and it's not bubbly, so no bacteria there.

Maybe this is a reaction to the calcium in the water.
Interesting.  I guess things react and it could change the color of something.  I'd run that by your doctor next well check and get their input.  If it isn't hard enough being a woman, analyzing our vaginal discharge . . . ugh.  Anyway, welcome to the forum!
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I have the same and thought at first it was from my clothes or worse am STD but then noticed it even when I wasn't wearing any denim!! I believe the hard water answer.. as what I have Googled and researched it's to do with ur vaj's ph balance.. And this has only happened to me since I moved to a different country,and I have noticed some times when I have showered the water gives of a smell or u can see it's not very clean. I will visit the doc shortly to make sure this is true.
Can you come back and let us know for sure?  It makes sense that it is a ph issue.  But I'd not think it is actually because you aren't clean that the ph is changing but rather your own hormones adjusting to changes.  Kind of the same theory as to how changes in routine mess up our menstrual cycle.  Hormones shift with the changes in routine.  So, same for the ph of the vagina.  Let us know what you find out though.
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Has anyone diagnosed the issue? I'm seeing bluish stains on my underwear.  Very small stains and when I pee and clean myself sometimes I see very small blue dot or it's clean. Not sure if its bacterial infection or anything else.
Hi there.  You are having little blue stains or blushing like pink stains?  Just trying to make sure I understand.  
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