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Breast Secretion

I had had an abortion when I was 18, i.e., 5 years back. After the abortion, my breasts produced milk and my doctor gave me pills to stop the milk. Everything has been normal since, but this morning, while cleaning my nipples, I squeezed it a little and saw a couple of drops of liquid, not milky, but not clear as well. I checked my other nipple and there was another drop, and no more. I had my periods recently and I'm sure that I'm not pregnant. However, I've been jogging regularly lately. It might be just because of the stimulation, but yet, is it something I should worry about? Should I go to the doctor if there is more of such secretions?
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I think you should go to the doctor. Even if u are pregnant you should be in your first trimester or in first few weeks. I haven't heard anyone having liquids at that time of early pregnancy. Don't worry talk to your doctor about this.
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Hi there. Well, prolactemia is a common occurrence when a woman has a hormonal imbalance. Producing just a bit too much estrogen can cause this.  I agree with above that it is not milk production from a pregnancy (and when you had an abortion, it was simply the shifting of your hormones and not milk production and am very surprised your doctor gave you 'pills to dry it up".  That is an odd diagnosis as most women who are truly lactating begin milk production AFTER the birth).  

I had discharge due to too much estrogen production.  They also checked through an mri my pituitary gland to see if there was a small tumor.  there wasn't.

Agree you should check with a doctor but a different one that gave you pills to dry up last time.  That wasn't good medicine.  good luck
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