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Brown discharge, cramping

Hi, I am 6 days late. On January 4, I had cramps that feel like my period is coming but disappeared minutes later and later that night, I saw a dried brown discharge that looks like dried blood but bigger than a usual spot. Just yesterday at night, I used a hot compress and my cramps went back and disappeared again today. My cramps started on December 28 with increasing intensity as days passed by together with mood swings, acne, salt and sugar cravings and the usual PMS symptoms.

5 days after my last period, we had dry humps with my bf and oral sex. A week after, we did the same thing again. We never engage in intercourse. He is quite paranoid that I may be experiencing implantation bleeding but I didn't ovulate this month. I have PCOS and I take progesterone capsules for 10 days starting 16th day (December 19) after my last period. However, on 21 and 22 we did oral sex and dry humps again. I'm quite anxious if I'm pregnant or not because he said he may have rubbed my vagina after touching his thing (haven't ejaculated yet) and when he came to my mouth, I spit it, gargled once and ate lunch after, then after eating (about an hour) we smooched and he ate me.

And yeah this month I am so stressed, I wasn't able to get enough sleep for a week now, my exams are on and I'm stressed about my puppy. I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate cuz I rarely ovulate and I still feel cramps whenever I use a heating pad. I still feel my usual PMS symptoms.

What does this dried brown discharge mean on my panty liner? It didn't come back though. Can anyone reassure me that I'm not pregnant cuz I searched for it but it ended up all about pregnancy and implantation stuff.
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It sounds like you think you didn't ovulate because the contact was limited and you take progesterone. And of course, the stress could be keeping your period from coming on.

I'm familiar with not ovulating because of taking the pill, but progesterone by itself won't keep you from ovulating. Also, generally speaking it would be hard to get pregnant from fingering.

That all said, buy a double pack of pregnancy tests, and take one in the morning for two mornings, just to be sure.

In the meantime, try not to worry -- your period might arrive.
To be a little more accurate, the first sentence should say, "It sounds like you think you weren't exposed to sperm because the contact was limited, and you didn't ovulate because you take progesterone."

Thank you for the response! What does that brown discharge mean? Does that signal my incoming period? My last period was very very light.
The brown discharge is simply a signal that your uterus is not fully shedding its lining today. Brown spotting can happen due to irregular ovulation (which makes your period late), fingering being rough and scratching your cervix, or other medical reasons like an ovarian cyst. It doesn't point only to pregnancy. (In fact I'd suggest that since you're cramping, your period is likely to be coming. Many women who get pregnant have no signal at all -- no cramping, especially.) But to ease your worries, test. Even the pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store are very sensitive.
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You can not get pregnant from dry humping.  So, pregnancy is not a factor. Regardless of ovulation.  The brown discharge is spotting.  Too much progesterone is known to cause this or any type of hormone imbalance.  Do you see an ob/gyn once or twice a year?  Make that appointment.  You can do simple blood work and they can check your hormone levels.  Spotting can be pretty normal in a lot of women but since it is new for you, it probably means things are shifting hormonally for you.  For some women, the pill regulates them and gets them past that.  
Thank you for reassuring me that dry humps wont lead to pregnancy. Does that even mean that I cannot get pregnant for having remnants of sperm in my mouth and transferred to his mouth after an hour then he performed oral sex in me? And precum in fingers? I read a lot that it may lead to pregnancy, I'm just anxious. And also, my ob/gyn just tells me to keep on taking Progesterone capsules every 16th day of my period for 10 days so that I can get my period. If I stop taking it then I cannot get my period.

Recently, Im stressed out too. During Christmas week I wasn't able to get enough sleep, I have exams, and problems. I have PCOS and I only ovulate 1-3 times a year as I've noticed (when I feel I'm ovulating).  I also had similar spotting before, where I bled for a day assuming it's period but stopped and continued after a day.

I'm also not sure if this really went out as brown already cuz I just saw it in my panty liner and it's dried already. Dark brown to be exact. With cramps, on and off for about a week now.
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Update: My period still didn't arrive yet. It's the 40th day of my cycle. PMS symptoms still present and my cramping has been occuring more often. Yesterday, my bf rubbed my vag and he said it smells like a rusty metal. After we did that, my cramps intensified and I still didn't get my period. Now, I woke up in the morning hoping it would arrive but nope. Cramps still present but mild
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Still no period :( My last cramps was yesterday at night but it stopped now. I'm worried now
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Still no period. Cramping still present. Some of my PMS symptoms are intensifying and some are the opposite. My discharge smells even more metallic than before.

Does this mean that my period is near?
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I am really confused right now. Can someone reassure me? I'm very anxious.

I still don't have my period yet I'm having cramps and it's been 2 weeks since this cramps started. Sometimes it hurts so bad, almost similar to period pain and sometimes it's less painful. I'm having a more metallic smell in my vagina. PMS symptoms are still the same. My discharge is becoming less and my vagina feels dry now.

Please answer me :(
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Sweetheart, nobody can diagnose you over the Internet. It sounds like a weird or wonky cycle. But, it could be an ovarian cyst or something else. It didn't sound like pregnancy at all, but if you are freaking out, get a home test and take it according to the instructions. It sounds like it will turn out negative, and if so and you're still freaking out, call your ob/gyn and ask to get an ultrasound.
Thank you for answering me even though I'm freaking out. I'm just very confused. I talked to my mom about my current situation and she said not to worry about it cuz she believes it's stress causing it. I am not also open about my sexual encounters to her. About the home test also, I am not free to get it. That's why I wanna ask people about their opinions about what I am currently experiencing right now and I really appreciate it that you still reply to my queries. I'm really sorry for repeating the same question all over again. I'm just anxious and worried.
Though it doesn't sound like you really need to test for pregnancy, sensitive home pregnancy tests are available for not much money at all, at the Dollar Store. Are you saying you are not allowed to go to the store by yourself?
I live in a very conservative community, so when teenagers go and buy stuff like these, we need parental consent about it and most stores here know my family. So I couldn't buy one
But my mom said not to worry about my period right now cuz she said it's stress messing up my cycle. She's a med student tho but I'm just anxious cuz I'm exposed to sexual activities and now I'm late for 2 weeks, and I'm starting to think if those activities can lead to pregnancy
It sounds more related to PCOS than pregnancy. Can you get in to see the doc and find out if you have an ovarian cyst? They really can mess up your cycle.
Two years ago, I found out that I have cysts in my ovary due to PCOS. I don't know right now, my doc just told me to take progesterone capsules for 10 days starting on the 16th day of the cycle to get my period. Other than that, nope. I also experienced a similar situation last April, I was delayed by 2 weeks too, what I feel right now is also the same during that time except for that brown spotting that happened during day 34. I'm also thinking maybe the stress really messed up my cycle because this is probably the most stressful cycle in 2020. Is there any chance that the brown spotting was caused by too much stress?
It just sounds like a wonky cycle, and PCOS would explain it. If you want to know exactly what's going on with your ovaries right now, get an ultrasound. Tell your doctor that you've been having odd spotting and a lot of pain, and he or she should approve an ultrasound.
Thank you. One question, does a vaginal discharge with an increasing metallic smell means an incoming period?
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I don't know. Maybe there is more iron content in your discharge at the moment.
Hey, I and my bf wanna say thank you very much for your patience and responses. I just got my period yesterday, though it was flowing slowly at first but the pain was like hell. I couldn't even stand properly. Today, it's less but the flow is much stronger now. Thank you once again!
I think you need to see your doc and explain what this cycle and period was like, and get an ultrasound or an MRI of your ovaries. Also, if you have PCOS and irregular cycles, but will freak out with pregnancy fears over irregular cycles, you should either stop having sex with your boyfriend or get on the Pill. Talk to your mom about it, if you're over 18, she'll probably support your need for protection.
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