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Brown discharge instead of period while on birth control - am I pregnant?

Hi, I have been on a combination birth control pill for two years now, as I have a boyfriend and am sexually active. This past month, during the second week of pills, I noticed that I had missed a birth control pill at some point. I wasn't sure when I had missed the pill because I had continued taking the pills normally but was now one day behind (On the day that I realized this, I knew that I hadn't missed the day prior meaning it had happened at some point in the past week or so). On the day that I realized, I doubled up and took two pills. Once I realized I mistake, my boyfriend and I began using condoms but again, hard to know when the actual mistake occurred so we may have had unprotected sex before I realized the mistake. About a week later (the week before my placebo pills started), my breasts became extremely tender and I had other PMS symptoms - although they seemed more exaggerated than normal. The day before I took my last active pill, I started spotting very lightly. Now, it's Friday and I took my last active pill on Tuesday. The spotting has continued along with light cramping. The spotting is a dark brown color and very minimal most of the time. My breasts have become less tender and a lot of my other PMS symptoms have disappeared. I typically get my period on the Friday or Saturday after taking my last active pill. Is this my period?! Or am I pregnant and is this implantation bleeding? I am obviously very worried and know that I should take a pregnancy test but want to wait until early next week.
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So, I do doubt you are pregnant but since you had the pill mishap, you'll have to test.  Sounds smart to wait until next week.  Doubt you are pregnant, like I said, but take a test.  Then figure out a way to check and balance with the pill so you don't have any boo boo's.  good luck
Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it! I'm hoping you are right.
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did you find out if you were pregnant. Im in the same boat... I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he did *** inside of me. Ive been on birth control for about 10 months. Now on my placebo pills I have experience like spotting and brown discharge no period. Im very worried I might be pregnant.. I haven't missed a pill and take it everyday (around the same time). Can some one help.
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