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Burning during my menstrual?

Hello! I have been experiencing some vaginal burning during my menstrual, but I am not sexually active! My menstrual doesn't smell bad, or have any real change in texture. I tend to get large clots and watery blood. Sometimes my vulva gets itchy, but I realized always pads were doing that to me! After I switched, no more itching. But my vagina has been burning and I think it's actually kinda dry despite having such a heavy flow! Any input would be appreciated! I suspected maybe bv, but there's no smell. Could a yeast infection do that? Any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm not on any birth control!

Also, I've noticed that about two days before my menstrual begins my vagina tends to itch! Any input is appreciated!
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A yeast infection will itch.  If pads were causing issues, perhaps any product you are using is also doing that?  Are you highly sensitive in general with skin irritation and things like that?  So, yeast and itching is something I read on this forum a lot that happens around women's period.  The ph of the vagina is such that if it is imbalanced, yeast can grow.  Does it go away as soon as you get your period?
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Hello! It continues throughout my menstrual! The itching and burning will leave after my menstrual is done, but will reappear for the next menstrual! I'm super sensitive when it comes to pads. So far I've been enjoying the target brand, but I think maybe these are bothering me as well. I am considering buying cloth pads. In general, I'm super sensitive even in the face, chest, and back when it comes to makeup/soap/lotion. I have noticed some clumpy discharge when I'm not on my period and I tried the Azo Yeast Plus pills and it didn't work. Are there any other supplements you recommend for yeast infections? I'd prefer not to use anything there (ouchie!)
I literally forgot I had symptoms of a yeast infection, plus I haven't been the same since taking some antibiotics for a sinus infections :((
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