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Burning, itching , discharge

I have been dealing with burning and itching with discharge for about 12 days now. It started off as just itching. No redness or soreness. By last Wednesday I was sick of the itching and made a drs appointment. I went and had a physical exam and she even checked by doing a pelvic exam. Everything appeared healthy and nothing could be found. She said it was probably contact dermatitis. The itching and irritation has continued. Yesterday I  noticed a small spot that looked like cracked skin after my  shower. I did wash a little harder because of the itching.  No pain to touch, didn’t burn to clean the area, doesn’t hurt to urinate. The dr gave me a steroid cream typically used for contact dermatitis. It is not helping. I also today had  a very thick , pasty but sour smelling discharge. I am going to go back to my dr. I have had yeast infections in the past with no itching or even symptoms. Any idea what could be causing this?
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What do I think of the little tears?  I think, talk to your doc about this all. Tell her if you're having sex, and whether the sex has all been with only one partner, and whether the partner wears a condom, and what type of condom, and if you use lube or vaginal cream. Point out your history of vestibulodynia, and tell if that coincides with a time period when you had regular sex with a partner, and whether you masturbate and what you use to do so, and whether you regularly sterilize your "toy." Also, whether you've been taking any other kind of meds (like a steroid) or using any natural body creams of any type that have estrogenic effects, like wild yam cream. Also, whether you've changed detergents recently and if you've been wearing less absorbent underwear a lot, or perhaps wearing a thong.  And get tested for all the STDs if you haven't since this all hit. There are just so many directions to go with this that your doctor is the one to advise you.
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So I ended up being tested for stds and she checked for yeast. All negative. These symptoms have been ongoing for almost a month now. I’ve made another appointment because I’m sick of it at this point. Everything appears healthy, but the intermittent itching, occasional soreness and the mild burning is ridiculous. It’s not even everyday…I had no symptoms 2 days ago and now I’m having the symptoms again. It’s so frustrating
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It might be BV, did she swab you for it? And possibly a yeast infection on top of it. In the meantime, you might try a sitzbath in a white vinegar solution.
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I just had a case of bv and developed yeast from the medication. I thought it was yeast but after her pelvic exam and her not seeing yeast during it…she said it wasn’t a yeast infection. That was day 4. The cream she gave me seems to make it worse…I purchased vagisil for itching and it works much better. The itching and now soreness has been ongoing for 12 days now. It’s not consistent. I have times throughout the day where I have no irritation but other times like at night or in the middle of the night where it itches ridiculously. I Was concerned about what looked like a tiny bit of skin was missing. This was only yesterday and has disappeared today
The itching /soreness is mainly in my clitoral area where the discharge seems to just distribute to…
Did the doc check you for trichomoniasis? It can itch.
She didn’t do any checks for std. I didn’t have any kind of irritation or soreness on Friday at all. Like it almost disappeared. That’s why I was so surprised to see the small I guess tear Saturday and then it cleared up and was completely gone Sunday. I was able to get an appointment tomorrow. Today I just have mild irritation and no itching at all.
Was there a reason she didn't check for STDs? (Like, you haven't had sex with anyone since you were last checked for all of them?) You could see if she thinks trich might have been the culprit. It doesn't always itch but sometimes it does.
I’ll have her swab tomorrow. What do you think of the little tears ? Didn’t hurt to touch, clean, urinate, nothing like that, they disappeared so quickly. I had sex Friday and had some light bleeding afterwards. Which isn’t unusual. I am on depo and have some breakthrough bleeding often. They even gave me birth control pills on top of that to help with the bleeding. I stopped the pills and right after that..all this itching and irritation started.
Not to mention that I also suffer from vestibulodynia. I had burning for months at my vaginal entrance and burning around my vaginal lips for months too…whole time everything looked healthy at each visit.
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