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Burning white pasty discharge. Not yeast or BV.

I have had white pasty discharge with burning, redness, irritation, slight swelling, and burning with urination for about two years. All tests have been negative for yeast, BV, aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, mycoplasma, ureaplasma and STDs. It feels like acid discharge is causing the irritation to the mucous membranes. However the PH is in range and all tests are always negative. It began shortly after contact with a new person, but immediately after an extremely upsetting and shocking event which caused severe anxiety and stress. At first I thought it was a yeast infection, but Diflucan did not do anything, then I thought it was BV but Flagyl did not do anything, then I continued to take different antibiotics for different things that I had suspected. But it never went away. It has gotten better over the two years, but it’s definitely still there. And there has to be a logical explanation as to what is causing this. Before the onset of these systems, I never had any vaginal or bladder issues ever. Has anyone had any similar experience?
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That sounds super frustrating!  Two years of this?  Ugh.  They DID swab you for yeast? I'd have thought yeast.  Swabbing the discharge usually results in being told exactly what it is (or isn't).  Sometimes a hormone imbalance like a drop in estrogen can cause some of these symptoms.  Have you had your hormone levels checked?  It's a long shot but worth looking into. What about reactions to chemicals in any products you use like tampons, soap, creams.  (well, you probably don't put cream there but you know what I mean).  When was the last time you visited a doctor for this?  I don't blame you for being irritated over this!!!  What a pain.
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Thank you for replying. I’ve been to 5 doctors, tons of tests. Yes, I was tested for yeast. Even an intensive yeast culture that takes 40 days for the results just to make sure it wasn’t an unusual strain.
I never use any perfumed products or use sprays etc down there. I’ve never even used a tampon in my life. All natural. Cotton underwear. I never even thought about my vagina until this happened. One day I felt a little itch all the way up inside, but I didn’t really think much of it. And then the next day as I was walking around it felt kind of moist and a little irritated, so when I got home I looked down there and that’s when I freaked out. White pasty discharge, swelling and red and irritated, and that went on for months. When the Diflucan and the Flagyl didn’t work, that’s when I got really  scared and went for all the cultures and swabs. And everything was a negative. I’ve been to other doctors and had them do all the basic tests, vaginitis panel, culture, STD, I even had a PCR of the discharge for HSV1/2. Strep A, staph. All negative. It happened one week after receiving oral though and after a very stressful event causing chronic stress and anxiety. A pap showed unbalanced flora. And wet mount showed less lactobacillus than normal, but nothing else.
I suppose it could be hormone related. Maybe the stress upset my hormones. But within a week? Maybe it’s some type of BV, like just a slight imbalance that can’t be detected. I used to feel pinching and stabbing, but that has gone away. And the burning with urination has subsided about two months ago. I started drinking four glasses of water in the morning before anything, so maybe it diluted the urine enough to allow the mucous membranes to heal. But the irritation is still there and it’s highly correlated with the amount of discharge that is present. Instinctually I feel that there is something in the discharge that is burning my skin. Maybe a byproduct from certain bacteria, or the imbalance that is creating the discharge, which is also very sour.  When I drop potassium hydroxide liquid on the discharge it definitely smells fishy, and sometimes like ammonia (BV whiff test). It would probably now be classified as vulvodynia, but it’s not just pain coming from the nerves, it’s the discharge which is very abnormal and which has existed since the symptoms first appeared. And the slight swelling and redness and irritation. I think if enough women who have these symptoms can share what exactly happened (stress, new partner, birth control pills, etc. ) when the symptoms first appeared we would be able to find a connection and therefore figure out exactly what causes this, and then consequently a cure for it.
I have been dealing with the exact same thing for 3 months and cannot figure out what is going on.
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