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hello im having a little problem. i went to visit my friend(boy) last week he just got home from iraq. well of course we had sex and lots of it. my last mentrual period was march 5,... but i also was with my ex boyfriend on th 12 and 15 so now im more concerned that if i am pregnant i dont know whose the father.im not sure when i was really ovulating but i feel horrible.i was with my friend that i really care for on march 23 till 27 and we didnt use a condom at all ..i decided to make him buy me the pill (plan B) on the 25 which was almost up to the 72 hour window. then i took the second pill 12 hours later . now we have decided that we want to move in together and we want to have a baby. im not sure if im pregnant after taking this pill.? should i wait till next week to do blood work. i was thinking of going to the hospital cause if i show positive i would think it was from the ex march 12 and 15  but if i show negative than that would mean is to early and my hcg is too low. im not a doctor im just assuming.. please help ...

sad :(

thank you
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why would you make him buy you the pill? you could do it. and if your having sex with two guys and not using condoms or birth control why plan b one time? and you knew you were playing with fire (25) got plan b...so why did you continue to play with fire from having unprotected sex?

you dont kno IF your pregnant...relax. stop planning and jumping to conclusions. your worried about when did you get pregnant...you dont even know if you are pregnant. its not even apil....wait a month till you get your next actual period...and stop having sex with your ex if your trying for baby with this other guy (not sure which one you ment by he)

why are you sad

you were not ovulating march 12 -15 when you were having sex with your ex....you dont know if youre pregnant so chill...stop being so worried and stuff about the what if ...as though your pregnant...you having taken a test...its too early...and its not likely you are pregnant
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btw your ovulation and cycle are not correct and your periods going to be wacky for awhile....your next periods not due to the begning of april...and plan b can cause bleeding and stuff but thats not your period
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