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CAn you have hot flashes when you are 68?

I have been having hot flashes at night when I'm sleeping. I'm 68 and Menopause has been over for some time.  Is there another condition that I should get tested for?
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Hi,  yuck.  Sorry you are having hot flashes!!  I get them but am in the throes of the whole going through menopause thing so mine are hormonal in nature.  But I DO feel your pain!  There are definitely reasons for hot flashes other than just menopause.  And I'd talk to your doctor about this.  So, some questions. Are you taking any new medications? How is your weight?  Need to lose a few pounds?  Being overweight can mess with metabolism which can then cause the flashes. Certain foods can trigger it and alcohol especially. This can develop over time.  Big one . . . anxiety.  How's your stress and anxiety level? Another really big one is thyroid issues. Have you had your thyroid checked any time recently?  We'll start the discussion there.  Let me know.
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Thanks for the info! I'm not stressed or anxious. I do need to lose some weight. I have peripheral neuropathy and take gabapentin 3 times a day for that. But it is taking care of the pain and tingling.  But I don't think I've had my thyroid checked recently.   I'll talk to my Dr. Thanks again for the help!
Ya, I'd get it checked (the thyroid) as that is involved in hormones and even if you are post menopausal, often the reason we ladies get the flashes.  Let me know if that turns out to be the case!  In the meantime, I keep a fan at the end of my bed.  On and off it goes as needed. Sigh.
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I relate hormones to hot flashes, that is, the change of hormone levels. And fat cells both produce hormones in small amounts, and release them when the person loses a little weight. When you talk to your doctor, be sure to discuss that relationship, especially if you are dieting and managing to lose a little weight. Good luck!
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That wasn't a very clear explanation. What I meant to say is that  at age 68 you're wondering why hot flashes might have appeared, when you went through menopause long ago. But you mentioned needing to lose some weight, and there is also research out there that points out that fat cells themselves store hormones. If you were releasing some of those by dieting, possibly there is a connection, and you could ask your doctor about that.
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