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Hi everyone, me again!!!!

I seem to be posting on this a lot recently, I think one thing is just leading to another.
Basically, 2 months ago my periods came 5 days early which was odd for me as i was regular, my period lasted 24hours and was my normal flow. the next morning it was brown discharge for a few hours then vanished. that whole month after that i had back cramps and stomach cramps ( very mild ) and had all the period like symptoms for the whole month! i went to the doctors, she ran a test for diabetes which came out negative !! she advised me to go away and take a pregnancy test and if its negative go back for blood tests (which i haven't had the time to go back and do yet)! so yeah, it was a negative result! anyways, my periods then came 5 days early once again! but was a normal flow. and this month ive felt fine, ive been having regular intercourse. but a few days ago i noticed i got a strange cramp like a menstrual cramp, but i was not due, then i felt like i was bleeding, so i ran to the lo to find it was a watery discharge that had leaked through my panties and my jeans! which ive never had before? i had intercorse that night and the night after and everything was fine, but i had intercourse tonight and i felt sharp pains in my abdomen, i carried on until he finished. after i was in aggoney, and still am, i could hardley walk and ive went to lie in bed with a hot water bottle, its settled a bit but is still there... whats wrong with me :( !!!!!!!!
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did you use protection? and is ur regular period only lasts for a day, enough to saturate a pad?
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i havnt been using protection as im trying to concive. my regular period last 4-5 days. and is quiet medium flow, enough to fill a pad! x
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Your period coming early could be stress but I would take another pregnancy test. Also have a PAP test done. Don't wanna scare you but you could have a STD with cramping during and after sex. Get to OB\GYN soon
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me and my partner have both been tested and we found out he had clymidia, they treated me and after my results they came back negitive, he was treated aswell, but i shall get checked again just incase x
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I would get tested again and even if it comes back negative, ask for antibiotics anyways just to be on the safe side
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and i should add, all day my tummy feels like its in a knot, im doubting it could be an std :/
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I recommend a second opinion from a different doctor then.
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Go get another STD test. Chlymadia causes severe cramping and pain in the abdomen as well as messes up your cycles. After you were both dosed for it the first time, did you wait at least a week before having sex again? If not, you could have just passed it back and forth.
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