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Can I be pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend had raw intercourse on July 27 I’m 100% he didn’t but in me bc he pulled out and i still had to give him head so he could nut but the weird thing my period was expected today and i had super light bleeding yesterday and today too it’s weird bc my period is never this light and it’s making me worry and if turns out am i pregnant how can I tell my parents ?
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I’m having some cramps tooo and it feeels like im bleeding a lot when im not
That can be either thing, pregnancy or a period upcoming. My guess would be a period upcoming. How did it go this morning?
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Well, if you *are* pregnant, you won't be the first woman to get pregnant from someone who did not ejaculate in her vagina. If a guy ejaculates before he sees you, sperm can remain in his urethra. Then when you two had unprotected penis-in-vagina contact, the sperm can ride right in, on the pre-ejaculatory fluid that came along when he got an erection. I guess you didn't know this, but you should have known not to have unprotected sex anyway, since you could get an STD, or things could have gotten too exciting and he would be unwilling to pull out. Too late now but seriously, sweetheart, your boyfriend is in it only for himself. You have to be the one who protects you, because he never will when free sex is in the offing.

So, buy a pregnancy test, the Dollar Store brand is fine. Pee on the stick tomorrow morning with concentrated (first-morning) urine. It will tell you if you have dodged the bullet.

If you did get pregnant, you just tell your parents straight-out. Decide what you want to do first, or let your mom help you with the decision. Always look forward.
Incidentally, you posted before about giving your boyfriend a blowjob. Why do you do this? Guys don't *have* to ejaculate with they get an erection, it will sooner or later go down by itself. You are not obligated to do this for him. And I get a sense that you're doing it only so you will have a boyfriend. Is this guy really worth the risk and the stress?
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