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Can I skip my period by taking taking my next birth control pack?

I just started Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo on Thursday September 23rd, and i started my "sugar pills" today, Thursday November 13th. This is my first time ever using birth control, and I mainly started taking it just to regulate my periods.

I'm supposed to start my 2nd pack next Thursday, the 20th....but I really do not want to have my period over Thanksgiving weekend. I only get to see my boyfriend once a month and that is when I will get to see him and I would rather not have my period then. I have heard from friends that when you get your period for the first time on birth control, it lasts about 2 weeks. If this is the case, can I just start the new pack now and skip my period entirely? That way I can just start over after Thanksgiving break and be "blood free" until then.

Any suggestions?
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Yes, you can do that. My doctor told me that was fine. You just skip the "sugar pills" and go straight to the next package. You can safely skip periods. There's nothing that shows it can harm you. Anyway, that's what my obgyn told me. Hope that helps!
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When you did that, did you spot in that month? Or did you just bypass your period completely? And if you didn't do this yet, do you know if thats what happens?

Thanks for the help!
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