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Can an STD affect my period?

-My last unprotected sex exposure was a month ago. My partner (now my ex) clarified him being STD free. My period cycle lasted 30 days usually it is 28, as today I am a day late.
-My OCD started acting up, I had groin discomfort going to my hip on the right side, I suspected something but I realized it is muscular because when I sit down or walk a lot it gets and annoying, more like something is
-I have been constantly touching my groin lymph nodes, I can feel bean-sized knots, I am 127 pounds. The doctor said they seem normal and not swollen.
-For the past 3 days, I have experienced Milky white discharge no odor. The amount is decreasing.
-I had painful armpit lump in my left armpit that seemed to get resolved in 3 days. . I did blood work (without STDS) and the doctor said everything looks fine, however I was prescribed iron supplements, below was the concern:

My result: 11.6
Normal range : 30.0 - 400.0 ng/mL

My result: 66
Normal range: 37 - 145 ug/dL

I thankfully do not have a fever, nausea or other symptoms.

Am i suffering from an underlying STD?

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Hello~Have your been tested for any yeast infections, maybe this is the cause.
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Hello no i have not.
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Gemi, love, you know you aren't. (And I'm sorry for you that you are most likely always going to get me for responses in the STD forums.

However, I am going to have this moved this to our General Health so they can help answer if your iron/anemia can affect your period. And didn't you have other concerning test results?

Maybe your discharge is because you are getting ready to start, and stress can affect your period. Lord knows it's stressful these days.

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I am actually lucky to hearing from you!!! I am so happy I always do.
I did not want to burden you, sorry I keep asking.

And yes, i do not mind moving to General Health. I do not have any other concerning test results.
Is there any that you seemed to find concerning Auntie?
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