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Can someone get pregnant from a toilet seat

I have a strange question. I know it might sound stupid, but it is a concern I'm having. Last night my roommate had her boyfriend over and they had sex. She went to the bathroom directly after. At this point in time I didn't know about it and I used the bathroom a few minutes later. When I sat down I noticed the seat was wet, but I didn't touch the wet area directly, and there was a little repulsing curly hair stuck to the seat as well. It grossed me out, and I was going to make her clean it up but she had left when I got out. I refused to clean it, and told her to do it. She never did and this morning, around 11 am, i sat down on the seat to use the bathroom and my thong hit the toilet seat. I didnt realize that the hair and the dried wet marks were still there until I had pulled my pants up. I went to my room and changed immediately, but my question is there any risk of me getting pregnant through this kind of contact?
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no sperm has to enter the vagina to even have a chance to get you pregnant but it is gross so on a side note you should talking to your roommate about being more respectful and clean when using the shared spaces of the house  
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Your safe, but I recomend like Austin431 to talk to your roomate. I will also recomand you to take the good habit to wipe any toilet seat you use(, maybe except if you are the only one using it and you dont have a pet), that way you wont have to worry about all those germs sticking to your bums from toilet seats.

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