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Can the implant cause severe anxiety and breathing problems?

I’ve been on the implant for about 6 months now. At first it was wonderful hardly any worry, the only problem was I would bleed most days but only lightly. It wasn’t until 2 months ago so 4/5 months into the implant I began getting really bad anxiety attacks. I ended up going to the hospital because I had tight chest shortness of breath etc... they told me it was probably anxiety and to try meditation. Few days later I was able to control the chest problems but I still didn’t feel right in myself, I felt sad mainly because I would easily get mad at my boyfriend who btw has been AMAZING. He doesn’t really understand my situation and neither does anyone else which is the worst part but I still have people there. Anyway I went to the doctors about a headache and they told me it’s hayfever and just stress. I brushed it off felt ok for a few days. It wasn’t until I was causally sitting and experienced a bad anxiety attack which made me feel like I was going to die. Since then I haven’t stopped feeling like this, my chest is tight and I’m pain, I’m not breathing too well and headaches, body pain etc is still going on. I returned to the doctor who gave me beta blockers he said it will help the anxiety symptoms and stated I had anxiety because of anxiety. I asked both Doctors if it could be the implant responsible and the both said no. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced something like this? I don’t feel like myself at all but I’m scheduled to get my implant removed next week. Fingers crossed it answers a lot of questions!
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Yes!  Both estrogen and progesterone are known to affect mood in women.  If you have a predisposition for issues with that, it is common to happen.  The breathing, I'm less sure about unless that is related to the anxiety.  If you are uncomfortable, find a new birth control.  But know that you are susceptible to anxiety in general most likely. And this MAY not solve the issue if you have anxiety.  You could have anxiety in the future with or without the implant.  You may have to consider working on that on it's own.  We always have hormones and they can always affect it.  Does that make sense?  
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