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Can we be pregnant even if we get periods?

I was on birth control till mid-jan, till my pack got over. I got my periods 4 days after I took my last pill. I had unprotected sex before my periods started (during those 4 days). He didn't cum in me though. I was told I'd have full protection till the start of my periods, even when the pack gets over. Now I'm worried if it's true. Please help me out!
I didn't start birth control again because I didn't have sex so there's no way I could've gotten pregnant after my periods. So is it possible to get your regular periods if you're pregnant? Please help!
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When you say "I was told" [I'd have full protection till the start of my periods, even when the pack gets over] -- who told you, your doctor or pharmacist? Or was it just something you read on the Internet? I'd say it's true, given that you had sex during the 4 days after your last hormonal pill but before your menstrual flow began. The last pack of live pills would still be having an effect, and your body would be readying itself to have a period, not to ovulate.

If you had had sex on the last day of your actual menstrual flow, I'd suggest that you be sure to continue the pill if there is any chance the guy's sperm lasted into your new month. (Sperm can last 4-6 days in the woman's body.) So even in a new month where you didn't have sex, if you had sex at the tail end of the old month you should continue on the pill. But it doesn't sound like that is what happened, and even if it had, you would not be ovulating on the first day of the new month anyway.
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Thank you for your response! Yes, the doctor said "full protection till your next period." My periods are 5 days late today compared to last month so I am a little nervous, but maybe that's because my periods were shorter than usual last month due to the pill. But the last time I had sex was 1 day before my periods (and he did not cum in me) and my periods lasted 6 days.
When you move on and off of things that alter your natural hormonal flow, such as the Pill or even the morning-after pill, you can always expect your next natural period to be unpredictable.
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