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Chance for second ectopic pregnancy

I had an ectopic pregnancy last August and was treated with a single dose of methotrexate in September. Now I think I conceived again.

What are the chances of another ectopic pregnancy for those who were treated with methotrexate? Will there be any residues remaining in the tube?

I checked twice beta hcg after that which was zero. Please help me I am really worried. I have lower back pain and cramps. Sometimes cramps are on right side and sometimes on left side (where I had last ectopic pregnancy) and sometimes pelvic aches. Is it normal to have such cramps in early pregnancy?

Please please please help me...
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I am very sorry to hear about the first pregnancy being ectopic and lost.  That's always hard.  I think women go on to have an increased risk of another ectopic but it isn't huge.  It's roughly 15 percent increase in odds.  That's 1 to maybe 2 times in 100 women who have had an ectopic pregnancy.  :>)  Low odds.  But I would talk to your doctor about it.  I assume you'll be monitored more closely and an ultrasound will be done early to locate where the baby is.  Those urine kits are really effective. I would imagine with your history, calling your doctor is the best thing to do!  They may or may not want to see you in the near future.  Take your prenatal vitamins and congratulations sweetie!
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Thanks for your reply...as the situation is really pathetic due to corona I decided to wait 1 more week and repeat urine test and then go to hospital.
Actually I have a doubt it may seem silly...still help me if you can...where is ovaries tubes and uterus located exactly...heard that uterus is on right side...so left tube is on left side or in the middle of stomach....I have some gas like mild cramp on left side of stomach above belly button... uterus and all are below belly button know?
Please look at an anatomy diagram (I'm sure you can google the female reproductive system and get a clear one). The uterus is in the center, and there is one ovary on the left and one on the right. It is quite symmetrical. None of it is above the belly button (except once the woman gets pregnant).
Thanks dear... waiting for my test results...hope I will get it tomorrow...
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I think it is normal to have cramps in early pregnancy. Naturally you would worry, since having had an ectopic pregnancy is a pretty unforgettable thing. Why not go see the doctor and get an ultrasound? They would be able to tell you where the baby is immediately, and would take seriously the need to know.
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Yes I am planning...I used a urine test kit which claims to detect HCG levels from 1st day of missed periods...so how much will be it's sensitivity 100 or 50??
Oh, I see, you are saying you suspect you are pregnant but do not know? And you don't want to go to the doctor for a blood test or ultrasound until you are sure? That makes sense, why waste a trip especially in this day and age of coronavirus?

If you used an early-results test that explicitly advertises it can detect pregnancy as soon as the first day of the missed period, and if you didn't test earlier than the instructions say to, and if you used concentrated, first-morning urine, the test would have shown positive if you are pregnant, and I think this is true even with ectopic pregnancies, since they put hCG into the blood the same way uterine pregnancies do. If you are fearful you have an ectopic and it isn't putting enought hCG into your blood to show up on a urine test, go see your doctor for a blood test and/or ultrasound.

The numeric level is somewhat immaterial (for the consumer to know) since the company would not advertise the test as this sensitive, and wouldn't be able to detect pregnancy this early, if it cannot. But probably the test's sensitivity level can be found on its website. Also, there are charts published for the consumer that compare different tests and mention their sensitivity levels. The main thing is, if it was advertised as early-results, it is early-results, it is not left up to the consumer to read up on its sensitivity level and make that determination herself.

If you did take the test too early, there is nothing wrong with waiting the full two weeks from when you think you ovulated and testing again.
Hmmm...thanks for replying...I would have waited and waiting is the best thing to do now in this situation of covid issues...bt my experience of ectopic is pushing me to do blood test...let me do a blood check so that I can sit peacefully...
If it has been less than two weeks since your projected ovulation date, it would not be as likely that the doctor would order a blood test. But if your period is overdue, then he or she might. I would certainly call in advance of going in, since staying home is the best course right now. Getting a pregnancy test is not as important as avoiding getting Covid-19.
Hmmm...thanks for replying...I would have waited and waiting is the best thing to do now in this situation of covid issues...I tested on my 31st day(15th April) and was negative...till now I have not got my periods... waiting for one more week before testing...
Is it unusual for you to go 31 days between periods? Some women do have long cycles, and sometimes women skip ovulation in a given month for no particular reason, and if they have not ovulated, they don't have a period that month. But for some women, 31 days would be long.

If 31 days is an unusually long cycle for you, you could go ahead and test again tomorrow (using first-morning urine, of course) to see if the first test was accurate when it said you were not pregnant. I don't think you need to wait another week.

Regarding cramps and twinges, as I said above, though it's easy to see why you might be nervous about cramps and twinges because of your earlier ectopic, cramps and twinges happen during a normal cycle, and also they happen in early pregnancy too. Just the presence of cramps and twinges does not automatically suggest another ectopic pregnancy, so try not to let it frighten you.
Today I went to hospital and done blood test both beta hcg and TSH.Will get the results tomorrow... waiting fingers crossed...
Good luck!
Got my results...a good news and a bad news...good news is that my thyroid levels are normal...bad news is that my pregnancy test is negative..
Oh, sorry to hear.  That means you were not pregnant at all or you miscarried?  You'll get your baby sweetie, I know it.  
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