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Chunky discharge after masturbation - sometimes clear with white stripe, others light yellow and sticky, virgin

I’m having chunky discharge. It only happens after masturbation. Sometimes the discharge is clear with a white strip in the middle of it. Other times it’s a very very LIGHT tent of yellow and is sticky and stretchy. I went to the doctors and a got a “one time” pill and I even got prescribed the ointment you put down there. But a few weeks after when I started masturbating again, the discharge came. I am a virgin, so I know it’s not any type of STD. But I’m still worried. After my doctor visit I don’t have any itching anymore. It’s just the discharge that’s bothering me. I also have a light smell. It’s not like it stinks or anything. Just this light smell that I can’t pin point. Also another thing that’s bothering me is that the discharge isn’t warm. It’s not freezing cold either, but it’s more cold than warm. So to sum everything up, I don’t know if it’s something  that I’m eating, maybe not consuming enough water? (Which I do). Someone please help!! I have no issue in answering any questions you need to help figure out what’s happening. Thanks!!

Also this is my first time using this website so I don’t know how tags work.
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I'm glad to know that this isn't just me, not that I'm glad you all are having issues. My issue is a little different in that I have one child and I'm past childbearing years. I'm not currently sexually active and I have not been masturbating. It doesn't happen every night, but the crotch of my panties are often green when I wake up. It does not happen all day long, only overnight. It doesn't smell at all, it's just wet. Is it hormones? My latest GYN exam was all clear. I forgot to ask my doctor about it because we were discussing something way more serious.
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Does the discharge itch?  Yeast doesn't have to be white and chunky can be a matter of degree. Itching is almost always present though.  Discharge after masturbation, an increase in, is normal.  Your body is making additional lubrication and discharge accumulates. Let me know if it itches.  
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No it doesn’t itch, not anymore. Just sometimes I get this uncomfortable feeling in that area and I don’t really know what it means. And yeah so after I took my “one time pill” that I got from the doctor, none of the weird discharge came. I masturbated once and the discharge came back. So I don’t think I want to do it again
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When a lady has an orgasm, there is naturally moisture that can come out of her vagina. It will carry out whatever is inside.

You might be having the normal eggwhite cervical mucus at mid-cycle and then general discharge at other times, with possibly just a bit of a yeast infection going on that gives you the more chunky looking discharge. It could come out when you masturbate even if it isn't noticeable at other times.

Over-the-counter products are readily available to deal with yeast infections, at any pharmacy and even big grocery stores. To rule out a yeast infection, I would suggest using one. My co-Community Leader often recommends Monistat.

The link to masturbation also might be from the way you do it. For example, if you are wearing the underpants you wore all day and simply press hard on the outside in order to stimulate your clitoris, some bacteria or fungus could have gained entry. Or, if you use fingers inside your vagina, they might have picked something up. After you try the Monistat or other product, and if you think things are clear, you might limit masturbation to after a bath, when fingers and lady part are really clean.
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Oh okay I understand. I did used to masturbate, not frequently but sometimes. I didn’t use fingers only pressed against something. But when I went to the doctors and got my one time pill I didn’t masturbate for like two weeks, then I did it just one time and the discharge came back, I haven’t done it since and the discharge is still here. I’m just worried that when I get older if I get a boyfriend I don’t want that weird stuff coming out.
Masturbation is not going to cause the chunky look of the discharge. I'd hazard a guess that it's a low-key yeast infection, maybe not enough to be itchy any more after you took the pill from the doctor. My suggestion is to try an over-the-counter product for yeast and then see if you ever have the chunky discharge again (coming down naturally with gravity or from masturbating, doesn't matter). It will probably go away if you had a good result already from the doctor's pill.

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