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Clear Mucus Like Discharge

Please someone help... I am 34 year old!

So for around the last 8 weeks I have been experiencing a Clear Mucus Like Discharge... it is there constantly, every time I go to pee and wipe!

There is no odor, colour, itchyness, soreness, literally nothing... apart from that it isnt normal for me and so worrying me alot!

I have had a recent smear which came back all fine... as well as 2 different suppositories which have done nothing to clear this!

My periods have recently become alot longer than normal which were usually 3/4 days ans are now easily 7 days!

I had been advised to douche by my genecologist but when i did this many years in the past it gave me more problems! At the moment I am using a suppository probiotic for 10 days again, this is not changing anything!

Another thing that I guess I should add is that I am currently stopping breastfeeding my 2y7month old and was wondering if this could be something to so with it!

During my smear and internal scan my gene said she could bot see anything abnormal...

I am wondering  if this could be a normal process that my body is taking or if it is something to worry about! The stress that there is something wrong is probably not helping clear it!

I could really do with some help... has anyone else every experienced this?  

I guess the only thing I could compare it to is when you are about to give birth ans you experience “the show”
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It could be your body is putting out hormones related to the stopping of breast feeding, that indicate you are getting fertile again, and that can definitely give you a clear mucus. Don't douche, it's not necessary. You've had anything bad it could be ruled out (i.e., it's not an infection or a fungus). Let it go, use pads in your underwear and then see where you are once you're totally done weaning your child.
Thank you so much Annie for the reassurance! I did think douching was not the way to go, I will wait it out and see what happens once I have completely finished like you said! ☺️
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Definitely don't douche. That wipes out natural good flora and compounds any problems.  Hormones shifting, as annie states, can change up our discharge.  If it is clear and not smelling, it is likely normal.  You've had it swabbed to confirm this.  So, it will likely go back to normal soon enough.  
Thanks so much for your reply! xxx
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