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Condom broke and am worried about HIV

Hello all. I have a college freshman who has always been very safe about sex and who I've had it with, always knowing the backgrounds of the guys I've been with and using a condom. However, about two months ago, I had sex with someone that I met on Tinder who goes to my university who I spoke to for two weeks before sleeping with him. Although I told myself I wouldn't sleep with him that night, I had a bit of alcohol in me and felt a bit pressured to be have sex because we met on Tinder ( I deleted my tinder the next morning due to personal frustration with myself). Anyway, we were having pretty rough sex and the condom broke. He told me the next morning that he pulled out as soon as it broke and that he didn't *** inside of me. However, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of the possibility of catching HIV from him if he happens to be positive. I don't have his number anymore, so I can't message him unfortunately to ask. But he was very experienced in bed, which gives me reason to believe that he may have been a high risk sexual partner. I know that white heterosexual women make up a very small amount of people who have HIV, but I'm freaking. I'm also a hypochondriac, but lately I was actually right about the illnesses that I thought I had. Basically, my question is how at risk am I for contracting HIV from him if he was HIV positive? How high is the possibility of catching it from pre-***? What is the best way to get tested? How do I tell my parents that I want to get tested? I was pretty wet and he had a decent amount of pre-ejaculatory fluids. Please please help. Just a worried, hard working college freshman that doesn't want her promising future to be ruined by one student night. I can't sleep and I think about it all the time.
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*meant to say I AM a college freshman
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White, heterosexual and female...........doesn't really matter here; the fact that the condom broke during casual sex with someone who you really didn't and don't know does matter.

Are you in NY?  Try finding a Planned Parenthood and get an STD screen and HIV testing.  They can also educate on the facts and myths of STDs and HIV.

If you are 18 you don't need to tell your parents or have their permission to get testing done.

Do this ASAP.
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