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Could I be pregnant??

My boyfriend and I have recently started having unprotective sex. He don’t ejaculate in me but around my vaginal area with the pull out method. My last period started 4 days late and was very light with brown discharge. It got heavier a few hours later but wasn’t the same, and it only lasted about 5 days and I’m never late and have a regular 7 day period cycle. I didn’t take a test because I wasn’t that worried about it. But the past week I felt really lightheaded, like I was about to pass out, and I’ve been having headaches. I had unprotective sex not less than a week ago while my fertile window was open. My breast are also feeling very tender but not full. Could I be pregnant??
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I assume you are trying to get pregnant?

It's possible, if you had unprotected sex in your fertile window, to get pregnant even if the guy "pulls out." In fact, pulling out does not protect from the chance of pregnancy.

The symptoms you describe sound similar to some early pregnancy symptoms, but you are having them too early if the sex you are thinking got you pregnant was only a week ago. The embryo might not even have implanted yet, and you won't get symptoms until that happens, plus some time has to go by.
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