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Could I be pregnant?

My period is one week late. I start my period every 21 to 23 days. A week before my period I had cramps,headaches,sore breasts and I thought maybe its just pms..right? Then,when my period was supposed to come ..it didn't happen. s
So I was like okay will 2 or 3 days late is okay maybe I'll start tomorrow..nope!Like I said I'm a week late, my husband and I are trying to concive and we had unprotected sex from the day my period end to now. Still no period,cramps,sore breasts,headaches,feels like I'm about to throw up when I cook meat,feeling dizzy sometimes.The day after I missed my period I have clear white very stretchy discharge that I've never gotten before and I did have a tint brownish discharge (maybe from old cylce) but my period didn't start and I had little blood tissue. Should I take a home pregnancy test if so whats the best home pregnacy test to take?
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Try a First Response Early Result. If you don't think you are really pregnant and don't want to spend as much money as all that, go to the Dollar Store or Dollar General and pick up one of their home tests. They are much cheaper and surprisingly sensitive.
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