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Could I have adhesions?

History:I have had GERD since about 2009, I was treating it with Prilosec, over the years I have had my dosage increased, increased again, then told to start taking it twice a day, now they have switched me to Nexium.  In 2013 I had trouble swallowing food-bread was the worst.  I had an endoscopy and they found chronic gastritis, abnormal mucosa and esophaegeal stricture, which they dilated, 6 months later I had to have it dilated again. I had another endoscopy in July 2017 and the gastritis was gone and I no longer had a stricture.

Current problem:  I still have heartburn and indigestion, but since October 2016, I have been having a pain in my stomach right in center, sometimes upper, sometimes lower, never in the middle, it's a very intense pressure feeling as though I just did 200 situps, but it is pretty constant.  I am also bloated from about an hour after I wake up until I go to bed, I have had people ask if I am pregnant.  I get full quickly, yet I have been gaining weight, aside from when I had my son in 2004, I have been about 120-125 my whole adult life and now I am 150-155.   This is very embarassing, but I cannot stop burping either, I cannot even go 20 minutes without burping, very loudly at that.  My stomach grumbles and growls all day long, sometimes it sounds like a dinosaur roaring and one time a coworker even asked if that was thunder outside.
I went to the doctor in October, he thought it was gallstones, I had an ultrasound of the galbladder, liver & pancreas, everything was normal.  Blood tests were normal other than one time I had a high blood count, but it went back to normal when it was rechecked.  I have had low vitamin B12 and D for the last 2 years.  I have also recently had low folate and iron.  I went back to the doctor, they changed my medication and said it was a gastritis flare up, well I have had gastritis for a while and never had these additional symptoms, just the same ones I had for GERD.  The new medicine is not helping any and I am miserable.

I tried a 2 week eliminate all fats diet, I tried 2 weeks with no dairy, 2 weeks with no sugar.  I take vitamins and probiotics.  I have tried gas-x and lactaid, no help from either. My GI doctor suggested FD Guard, no help there, so he put me on an anti-depressant saying I just have a sensitive stomach, no surprise, but that was no help either.

I went back to my primary doctor and I was sent to have a HIDA scan to see if my gallbladder was functioning properly, the results were negative, nothing wrong there.  All blood work is normal, no bacterial infections.  The doctor is now referring me to a surgeon for an exploratory surgery for scar tissue/adhesion removal from a c-section that I had in 2004.  Is it really possible that I have been having bloating and stomach pain for 3 years from a surgery that I had almost 15 years ago?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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