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Could I still be pregnant? (With Poll)

I am on cycle day 45, and I ovulated got my LH surge on cycle day 20 (used clear blue digital ovulation predictor kit). My cycles are typically between 32-34 days, but I ovulated roughly 6 days later than I typically do which makes me believe I was due for my period around cycle day 38 this cycle. I had some spotting for less than 12 hours on cycle day 38 that was light pink and very very little. ..Then after that there was NO more blood at all. I have been getting negative tests though. This morning I tested with a first response and there was no line, but I feel pregnant, I have been having morning sickness ans dry heaving out of no where. My uterus has a "fullness" to it. I have been having slight cramping and headaches and feel very tired. Today is cycle day 45 and I am never this late without a full period. Anybody else had this experience and still been pregnant? I just feel pregnant but am very discouraged that I don't have a positive to prove it, and I'm not sure when to trust the negatives. My husband and I have been trying for a year, and I was really happy when I was late but now feel more confused than ever.
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Ok so according to your post, you do indeed sound pregnant. However, there are a lot of factors that could play into this, so let me see if I can answer them all.
1. You might be testing too soon since you ovulated later than usual. You'll want to test 14 days post-ovulation for starters.
2. Implantation spotting is pretty typical between 6-12 days post-ovulation.
3. If you have changed anything in your diet, exercise, and stress or anticipation, this can cause your periods to fluctuate. When my husband deployed in September, I kid you not, I had two full blown periods in a single month just 2 weeks apart. I was *that* stressed out.
4. Wait on the results from the blood work. Those results will be the most accurate and explain where your hCG levels are. If you are in fact pregnant, you may just not be making enough hCG yet to pop up on a home pregnancy test.
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thank you for your response! Trying not to get my hopes up. I haven't tested in since monday, so I guess we'll wait and see for my blood test to come back! Praying it's possitive!!!!!!! <3
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Since the cost of the pregnancy tests are overwhelming for you, I'd suggest going through a fertility website and buying your ovulation and pregnancy tests through there. They are extremely cheap when you buy in bulk and come in handy when you're really wanting that positive result!
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great suggestion! I will look into it!
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