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Could a growth be blocking discharge from coming out? Please help.

I first noticed it with my period - the blood,  even though very heavy periods now,  would not flow out anymore.  Instead, i  have to sort of use vaginal muscles to squeeze it out (and then it just will pour and pour out ). Even true when I wake up in the morning. Now it's also affecting just ordinary vaginal discharge. During times when i used to get lots of discharge, like ovulation or arousal, it does not come out. Its still there, because if I urinate, then lots of it seems to be released all at once. And once, somethimg must have gotten released since it soaked through pants. There's no staining of discharge on my underwear anymore- it just stays inside - somewhere. In retrospect, the discharge problem has been there at least intermentintly for at least 4 months. The blood flow problem longer, maybe even close to a year.

does anyone have any clue as to what might be going on? could there be something growing that's blocking the fluids from leaving easily - maybe having to go around an obstruction? and woujld this be in the uterus, cervix, or vagina to block both blood and vaginal discharge? I would think fluids are thin enuf it would have to be one huge growth to block fluid if its' that. but what else could it be?

Ultrasound shows 4 smallsh fibroids (I think largest one is 4cm already-so maybe not so small)) and one 1cm polyp. I asked whether they could block opening, but didn't get a clear  answer-a not really, or "not usually" kind of answer... (well, what about unusually?)  The polyp is at the top of the uterus and i don't think is in a position to block anything anyway. not so sure about the fibriods. and why wuold that block vaginal discharge anyway. I had mentioned the blood not flowing (I didn't realize about the discharge at the time) and the gyn said it's probably all the clots from the fibroids that have to be pushed out of the uterus like giving birth. that doesn't seem like it fits though since i have this even at times when there aren't clots and its not that i have to have uterine cramping to dispel them.

I don't want to go back to the gyn for a while. i have not had a pap smear in 2.5 years becasue it produces terrible pelvic pain, not just during but for a long time after. Once the pain lasted a full year, and that's when I stopped going for yearly pelvic exams. That's a topic for another post...and wil probably post on that too (abnormal paps that were not followed up properly). i also don't want to go back becasue the doc is insisting on surgery to remove the polyp even though its low risk for cancer, whereas I just want to conseratively manage heavy bleeding until menopaus. I'm already 50.5 so it can't be more than about 2 years away. I am not sexually active right now.

sorry for the long message but I wanted to explain everything. Am definitely worried cause i can't figure this one out and its not an easy thing to google! any ideas?
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I possibly got answers. On exam, there was also  a polyp on cervix. Gyn said was not responsible for what i was experiencing- but i seem to recall when she removed it  (in the office during exam- no big deal at all)  things got better. I also was found by mri to have the kind of fibriod that grows on the lining- besides heavy bleeding, it may have slowed down easy flow out. They had been unable to tell with ultrasound, but only with mri. Still not 100 percent sure was cause. It was all during a time of high estrogen production. My last period was october 2015 after a year of high dose progesterone to control bleeding. I will have to pay attention now to see if any vaginal discharge still feels blocked. I have not noticed that but discharge post menopause is much less so perhaps i just have not payed attention. I do know i got no help from gyn docs on the issue.
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Thanks!  I'm just having terrible pain when I lay down in the pelvic area and no one seems to be able to help.  So strange.
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Did you ever get answers on this? I have exactly the same symptoms and am having trouble conceiving:(
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