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Do all women bleed when their hymen breaks for the first time?

I heard that when you have sex for the first time your hymen  may tear and you may bleed and that is something normal. I also Heard that not all women bleed when they tear their hymen and that is also normal.
But then I heard other more radical women saying that if you have sex for the first time, you do not have to bleed at all, by  no means, a woman should not  bleed at all and if a woman bleeds is because the guy was way too rough on her, but normaly no woman at all should bleed.

So what is the truth, is it normal to bleed or not or a woman never never ever should bleed at all?

Also these women says that the first time pain also should nbot appear at all. I also h ave heard other sources is normal to feel pain or discomfort and that is also normal.

So im confused now.  Is it normal to bleed or not and is it normal tp feel pain or not at all?
Does age  could make a difference in the lady´s first time? Like a lady in her mid 40´s who lost their virginity at that age?
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Every woman/girl is going to be different.  Normal is a funky word.  What happens to one woman that doesn't happen to another is still often within normal.  Other things break the hymen like using a tampon, pelvic exams, etc. Some women bleed profusely and some don't bleed at all.  So, I guess I'd not worry so much about what others do and know that you/everyone will have a unique experience.  good luck
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Yes there is  lady who seems to know it all and told me a woman should never ever bleed during their first time and if she bleeds is not beaus eof the hymen is because soemthign else in the vulva or vagina and also pain should not be felt at all either this lady says.
Unless the lady is God, I would not be too concerned about what a "lady who seems to know it all" says about anything.
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