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Does anyone else have these problems or have answers? I'm sorry this is so long!

Symptoms: I can tell I'm going to start my period when I'm only able to get comfortable on my stomach. I mostly have left side ovary pain, occasionally right. Pressure on my ovaries used to help with pain but now it seems to make it worse. I usually have a low grade fever, insomnia, dizziness, inability to concentrate, migraines and eye pressure, vertigo, fatigue, depression, extreme bloating, shaking, night terrors, red skin, mild jaundice, muscle weakness, tinnitus, irritability, blue nail beds, and acne. On my period my medication doesn't seem to work at all besides giving me ridiculous side effects. Lowering my dose when I notice the problems seems to help a little. Pain medication either doesn't work or works for maybe an hour. It's changed symptoms to cervical pain. Movement either helps or makes it worse depending on the day. Sometimes I have to stop walking, I can't wear tampons anymore, orgasms do help my period start but they hurt incredibly bad when I'm on my period. The cervical pain is usually sharp, stabbing but occasionally is persistent and dull. There are times it radiates to my butt and down my leg causing pins and needles followed by numbness. The cervical pain is the worst out of all of it and usually has me nauseous, puking, or crying. The cervical pain sometimes makes me feel like I wet my pants. It hurts more if I push. Touching it makes me naseous. My period is either most of the month or skips a few. Sometimes it's weeks of just brown/black spotting. Occasional gray spots. Usually just when I wipe. They can be clots or just flakes. This month my uterus has been feeling like its vibrating, like a pager. I do not have my phone on vibrate, ever. I've read things suggesting that having that often recreates it as a phantom feeling. I understand this is a nerve problem and that the leg and cervical problems may very well be symptoms of sciatic nerve pain.

Responses: I've been to a couple doctors. The gynecologist was rude, acted like I was over exaggerating, gave me a card to track my period (even though I told and tried to show him my symptom and period tracker is used daily for the past 10 months), patted me on the back, and told me to come back in a month if it still hurt. I went to my nurse practitioner and she sent me to a specialist. They re-ran previous tests and did new ones. They pretty much told me they'd check for everything but I should train my pelvic floor and if I still have problems to see a GI specialist about constipation. I do have constipation problems but they're not any different than I've had the rest of my life. It is probably bad but I can't remember a time my bowel movements were any different. I understand bowel problems can occur with your cycle due to hormones but I've don't everything suggested and there's no change.

History: I don't know my family's medical history, I've never had a child or been pregnant, no history of STDs STIs or cancer. I started my period when I was 9 or 10 and there is a possibility of childhood trauma. I've always had heavy, irregular, painful periods. They affected me most psychologically but the only time I had severe mental health issues was the week before my period. Birth control and mood stabilizers  helped with my moods and the heaviness, not the regularity.

Tests done: Pelvic and vaginal ultrasound to look for cysts, pelvic exam, urine test, urine pregnancy test, Pap smear, cervical biopsy, blood test for all STDs, STIs including HIV and AIDS, bacterial and fungal infections. Endometrial cell testing. All came back clear.

Medication I'm on: Lamotragine 200XR, Adderall 30XR, and Nexplanon. I had Nexplanon before for the entire time and never had any problems.

Treatment suggestions/ What I've done: Lose weight, exercise, diet, pelvic floor training, therapy (mental), both control that completely stops my period, heat, pain medication, see a GI specialist, take suppositories and stool softeners, track your period and symptoms. I haven't seen a GI specialist or changed birth control and I won't do Depo or IUDs.

In closing: Some months I think I have been over exaggerating and I need to live with it, that it's not that bad, and get over it. Others I'm on the floor crying in pain and tell myself to never think I was making it up again. The symptoms keep changing and I don't know what to do. Seeing specialists again doesn't seem like an option that makes sense if they're just doing the same tests. I'm sorry this was so long and that the other posts I've made are similar. I'm just getting frustrated as I'm sure many of you, if not all, feel right now or have felt. It's affecting my relationships since they're worried and I'm afraid it might affect me when I move for college. I don't want to be crying in front of people, trying to be quiet while taking notes or something.
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May I ask you age and how long you have been on birth control?
Wen I pee it's hurts but dose it mean I preganat
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You know your body best. You just have to find the right dr.
Have they checked for fibroids? Uterine biopsy? Colon polyps? You may be ultra sensitive to pain of any kind.
Try a neurologist?
Try a female dr as well.
I believe that your body reacts badly to periods. I have a friend who practically calls off work every month for hers.
If Tara problem for you then it's real.
Much love your way..
Take care
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** it's
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I can say the pain in your cervix Is horrible for me as well it's a pain that is indescribable Before my surgery it use to caus me to drag my left leg as it was an annoying ebbing sensation that would not go away it would start 2weeks before my cycle I have PCOS and I had to have cyst removed off of both ovaries in Sept 15. I just went for the return on this miserable paid  changed Dr's to a female she said it's ovulation pain and sometimes it is more severe for some women than others. I pray you find a solution for I have yet to find any for the pain as I am hurting as I type this it seems that sitting and bending towards the floor is helpful at times.
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