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Dull and constant ache in my lower back and inner thigh (predominantly right side)

I have had constant, dull pain in my lower back and inner thigh for about a week following my period. It is very difficult to sleep because the ache is worse when I am laying down, and keeping my leg elevated does not help. Having a hot bath provides temporary relief. I have noticed I've lost considerable flexibility over the last 9 months also. I'm 31, my existing health condition is PCOS and I have a history of hyperthyroidism. I have a family history of type 1 and 2 diabetes and thyroid disorders.
I am overweight but exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink.
I hope someone could help me because it's hard for me to see a doctor at the moment, thank you.
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It could be a nerve condition like sciatica, or something like endometriosis, or something else entirely. Unfortunately, even if someone online guesses correctly what it is, you probably do need a doctor's diagnosis in order to treat it correctly.
When you do finally manage to get to a doctor, ask to have your hormone levels checked right after your period. The odd thing about what you are describing is that it's after the period, not before, when you might have pains as the endometrium thickens. After the period, the uterus is pretty empty. But maybe it's some kind of reaction to the hormones leading up to ovulation. Thus, the idea of getting hormone tests done.
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So, since you have PCOS, to me it makes sense that perhaps you have a cyst?  This pain is cyclic correlating with your cycle? I had something very similar and after about 4 months of this on and off, I had what felt like the worst period ever. My doctor said I passed a cyst.  Just wondering if you pcos isn't causing this symptom. Any chance at all you can see a doctor?  
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