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Early period

37 year old female. My period seems to be coming early. Started with some light pink on the TP. Having some cramps. Next period is scheduled for 6 days from now. Past history of ovarian cysts. I’m not on birth control. No intercourse lately. My husband and I do not want kids so until his vasectomy we are only doing oral. I always wash my hands afterwards before going to the bathroom. So there is zero chance any sperm came in contact with my vagina. No other symptoms other than a sore lower back. My period is usually fairly normal. Any thoughts? My husband is a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to health stuff and any thoughts of having kids- but like I said aside from oral and playing with him there is no intercourse
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A period coming early is a sign that your last ovulation was a bit earlier than expected, not a sign that you are pregnant. In fact a period is a sign that you aren't pregnant. Try to relax; periods do vary in an average year, for most women.
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