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Fibroid, fist size clots and birth control.. help !

I have been passing large clots for a while now, I was told it is due to my fibroid (8cm inside on upper lining of uterus) which has made me anemic.

I tried the depo Provera shot but it was making the bleeding worse so recently instead of taking a second shot my gyno put me on the Taytulla birth control pill. I took it for a week but was still bleeding in between and because I started losing my hair I decided to trade it for Tri-Sprintec pill.

So I’ve been taking Tri Sprintec for about 3 days and I have been passing ginormous clots bigger than a fist (I mean the clot takes up the entire pad and I have to change).

So last night, my sides near my pelvic area started hurting, I had to kind of bend over a little so it wouldn’t hurt when I walked. Well I ignored the pain and a few hours later around 3am I was asleep and was awaken by a HUGE clot passing. It literally hurt to pass it like my insides were ripping and afterwards when I needed to pee, peeing hurt like if I was peeing over something ripped on the inside, as if my pee was gliding over a fissure/lesion deep inside.

I’m not sure how to explain it. I’ve never felt this kind of pain before and I’m terrified to pass another clot. I’m also terrified to continue the birth control but just as terrified to stop taking it. I’m waiting for my gyno office to open.

But any ideas what could be going on? Has anyone felt this? Help!!!!

Also I’m in my late 20s, I don’t have kids and I want kids so please don’t mention hysterectomy as a solution.
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The reason it hurt is because it was large, and it opened your cervix to come out. Your doc should take this seriously. Birth control pills are not the only way to minimize bleeding. Has anyone talked to you about trying to remove the fibroid? (Is it possible?)
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I'm not saying the cervix didn't shut again, because I'm sure it did. But that's what happens when something larger than just the liquid of a period wants out, sorry to say.
Yeah I have an appointment tomorrow to go over my options but I’m starting to think it’s more urgent than waiting
I’ve passed bigger ones and they’ve never hurt, this one was agony
Have you taken a pregnancy test and are sure it wasn't a miscarriage?
Yeah pregnancy tests have been negative, apparently it’s the fibroid causing it and also my body doesn’t respond well to hormones from birth control so I’m getting a myomectomy
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That's some big clots!  What is the rule of thumb?  Bigger than a quarter, call the doctor?  And with the pain as well, ya.  I'd get your hormones checked and make sure you weren't pregnant.  :((((  I'm sorry this happened. Come back after your doctors appointment and let us know what they say!
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Thank you I’m not pregnant but I have a fibroid which is likely the cause. I get my results today and I’ll keep you posted. It’s terrifying, I could believe I was passing a baby if it weren’t for the many times I’ve passed these humongous clots :(((
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