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Had sex two days after Cryo Freezing, am I ok?

I had an abnormal papsmear and I was not told by my doctor that I couldn't have sex after I had my Cryo. So two days later my husband and I do our thing and then early this morning I woke up with really bad cramps. I slept on and off all night, with a heating pad which is the only thing that made it better. My doctor gave me Tylenol 3 for the pain if I needed it and so I took some last night.. and it did NOTHING for my pain. If anything it only helped me fall asleep, but that never lasted long. All together I have taken 3 of those today and 2 Tylenol extra strengths and nothing is taking my pain away.
It's in my lower back and in my abdominal area. It hurts the most when I stand up or walk around at all, and I am having trouble having bowel movements even after taking stool softeners.. Is there something wrong or is this normal? After googling things I saw that you are suppose to wait anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks after and I had no idea or else I would have never had sex yet...
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well I could be dead by now if I waited for people to reply to me. Turns out I had bleeding from my Uterus and my cervix was closed up and clogged so there was no where for the blood to go. Well, I still feel weird now, and I was in the most pain I have ever been in, in my life. and I gave birth to a child. Two shots of morphine couldn't take my pain away.

So people, if you are experiencing anything like I described above, go to the ER now! My dr, and other dr's at the hospital said they had never seen anything like that, and my dr has been in the game 30+ years.
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Going to try and get a second opinion though. Can never be to careful. I have  a baby and a wonderful husband and it's to soon for anything to happen to me now. so I will have to just pray and keep an eye on myself. You know your body, if something seems off and wrong, then something probably is. Never wait. My mother almost died last year because of a UTI and had E-Coli in her blood stream. If she had waited even another day before she went to the emergency room, she would have died. and she was only sick for a couple of days before she finally went to the hospital. Better safe than sorry people. Remember, we all have people who love us and want us to stay around for a while. Always keep that in mind. Peace and love to you all.
One love. <3
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Did you get an infection? I had sex with my bf a week earlier than recommended by the doctor so I’m worried af
Hi, this post is from 2012, meaning it is likely the original poster is not reading it any more.
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