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Have you ever had an ovarian cyst?

Statistics say that most women will experience this at some point in their lives.  I have.  The experience can be different for everyone and I know it scares a lot of women.  Have you had a cyst?  What was your experience?
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I'll share mine.  I had one at the time that I was trying to get pregnant.  I had for a couple of cycles bad cramping at menstruation time.  And then I had a period that was horribly heavy and I had excruciating cramps.  Everything was amplified. It was not bad enough that I went to the ER or anything but bad enough that I mentioned it to my ob/gyn. Diagnosis?  Passing a simple cyst.  
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Hi! I used to have those every other month at some point of my life, and I still do occasionally. It was due to my hormonal imbalance. The first time I found that out was the regular ultrasound and since then I became scared and obsessed and started having ultrasounds every cycle and apparently every other cycle I had cysts. The doctor said they were functional, meaning they appear one cycle and go away the next one or the second one. They never really bothered me, though sometimes when they were too big I had a bit of pain during intimacy (just change the position). I know cysts can be scary but I guess it all depends on the type of the cysts and the vast majority of those are benign and resolve in a couple of months
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That must have been a pain to have routine cysts like that.  Did it affect your cycle at all?  This was not polycystic ovaries, right? I always wonder how and why things like this start.  Do you have kiddos?
Honestly it was more of a psychological discomfort and and anxiety, not physical. My cycle was more or less stable (+-2 days), so not really, though I've always had brownish discharge after periods for 4-5 days. Doctors have recommended taking haemostatic pills, they stop the discharge in some days, so I've been doing it for almost all my life. No, this wasn't polycystic ovaries, I had single cysts, but sometimes very huge (like half a litre in volume, 8cm diameter). Basically the doctors have told me that I had ovulation every cycle and ovulation causes the cyst and then with periods it dissolved. Maybe  it's not that bad after all, having ovulation. Many women have cysts and they resolve without the women even knowing they had them.
I don't have kids, we've been trying for a couple of months now, so far no luck. We live in a foreign country because of my husband's work, but as soon as I get back I'll go to doctor and ask some advice on pregnancy planning, maybe hormones or something
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