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Hello, Shortness of breathing while lying down only in night

Hi experts,
I am 25 years old girl, married for 3 years. I had two miscarriages (2020-May - with 18 weeks, 2021-Feb with 5 weeks). After that I have been diagnosed for vitamin D deficiency. As per the doctor, I am taking supplements (D5000) for 8 weeks now, and I see the improvements now such as no pains in joints, leg, reduced hair loss & headache. My question is, since the last 5 days... I feel trouble in breathing while trying to sleep only that's also only at night. Should I worry?
what would be the reason?
Appreciate your help
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Do you ave anxiety by any chance?  I sometimes do and when all is quiet, I'm laying in bed still, I can have symptoms of anxiety. I wonder if this isn't what is happening to some extent here.  

I agree that lots of things can cause shortness of breath.  Here's a long article about some of them. https://www.healthline.com/health/sleep/shortness-of-breath-at-night#heart-conditions  I'm not sure which ones would be ONLY at night though.  I would most certainly talk to your doctor about it.
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Unfortunately, a lot of things can make someone have difficulty breathing at night. One possibility is anxiety, another is hormones, another might be Covid-19 (though if you had Covid enough to give you problems breathing at night, it would likely also give you the same problems in the day). See your doctor about the breathing problems, there are many different things it could be.
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