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Help with a scan report please I’m trying for a baby is it even possibel

Hi I have had a transvaginal scan after years of undiagnosed pain.

I had a child 13 years ago left abusive relationship and have found love we are trying for a baby nothings happening am I infertile now , ivf is to expensive and I don’t qualify on nhs as I have a child already, ny partner doesn’t have kids so this is very important.
I’m worried the scan means it’s not possible naturally .
Please can anyone explain the report and my chances thanks x

The report says :
Ultrasound Type: Pelvis TIAT/V scan.
Reason For Referral: Gp Referral
Interpretation Summary:
Transvaginal scan performed with patient's consent.
Latex-free probe cover is used.
L_M.P=2 weeks ago.
The bladder is inadequately distended at the time of the scan.
The uterus is retroverted and normal in size and outline measuring 7.3 x4.1 x4.6 cm.
The myometrium is inhomogenous in echotexture.
There are two fibroids seen, the largest is intramural on the anterior wall, which is measuring 1.7 x 1.3 cm, and a small
subserosal fibroid on the anterior wall is measuring 1.0 x0.7 cm.
There are prominent para-uterine and parapelvic vessels noted consistent with pelvic venous congestion.
The endometrium is uniform and measures 0.7 cm.
The cervix appears unremarkable.
Both ovaries appear normal in size and outline demonstrating normal follicles
The right ovary contains a dominant follicle measuring 1.8 x1.5 cm.
Ovarian volumes are 11.5cc on the right side and 3.0cc on the left.
No adnexal mass, cyst, or free fluid was noted.
Known uterine fibroids.
There are prominent para-uterine and parapelvic vessels noted consistent with pelvic venous congestion.
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It doesn't sound like either condition would make you infertile. I also would be surprised if a doctor was going to do a scan and then make you sit 40 weeks on a waiting list to discuss the scan results. You might call in and ask that question specifically.

Here's another article.


The idea of having the varicose veins blocked so they don't hurt any more sounds good whether or not you are dealing with trying to get pregnant. You might ask your doctor about it as a separate issue from trying to get pregnant.

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I’m on the waiting list which is up to 40 weeks I suffer with anxiety so it’s killing me all I’ve been told is that’s why I have pain and have been referred on given pain meds.
Nothing really been said about my fertility I’ll have to wait for the hospital
Thx x
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This write up indicates you have uterine fibroids,  and likely pelvic venous congestion,  which is likely the cause of your chronic pelvic pain.  Since you had this diagnosis and medical exam done,  won't your doctor explain this to you?  I'd call for a consult,  with the doctor or his representative to discuss their findings.

Best wishes.

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