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Hemorrhagic cyst? What is it?

Last monday, out of nowhere, I started getting extremely bad lower abdominal pains that spread to my lower back as well. Ended up going to the ER, many blood tests, and a CT scan later, diagnosis; 3 cm left ovarian mass, with layering of dense material, most likely representing hemorrhagic cyst. After talking with the ER doctor, she assured me that the pain would go away in a few days. My problem is that I cannot stop worrying about ovarian cancer. I am 49, and my periods have been erratic for the past few years. Next month will be 1 whole year without a period so I guess that would make me officially menopausal. I know I shouldn’t be on the internet reading about this stuff, but it says menopausal women shouldn’t technically have cysts on their ovaries anymore because there is no ovulation. So that’s why I am worried. I did have a follow-up with my GYN the very following day and she saw the report and told me not to give it a second thought and basically told me “see you next year for your annual”! I guess the fact that she isn’t worries makes me feel better, but my health anxiety has taken over. Anyone else have any similar experience with ovarian cysts? What worries me even more is that I had a US last year and there were absolutely no cysts at all and now all of sudden a 3 cm cyst pops up out of nowhere.
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Oh gosh, I'm familiar with health anxiety!  Been there.  You are so young to be through menopause at 49!  It can happen though.  I'm still working on it myself . . . chugging along slowly, day by day, sweat by sweat. ha.  

I do think it is excellent news that your doctor said "see you next year" and to not be at all concerned.  She probably knows you and has taken the oath to care for her patients so that means she has no worries at all.  But I understand, doctors can make mistakes.  What about going in six months instead of the full year?  Will your insurance cover that?

I agree that it is odd that you would have a hemorrhagic cyst when you aren't having periods (which then You'd assume you are not ovulating which is how those cysts come about).  However, I read a statistic that up to 14 percent of women post menopause develop ovarian cysts!  Pretty big number even if not common.  A hormonal imbalance can cause these cysts.  However, they usually resolve between 8 and 12 weeks. If you still have symptoms past that, I'd talk to your doctor again.  

It is so fun being a woman. sigh.  
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