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Herpes or Yeast Infection???

Please help.
I’m 22, I’ve had a total of 3 sexual partners (including my current partner). My boyfriend is the only sexual partner I have had for 4 years, and as far as I know, I’m the only sexual partner that he’s had in 4 years as well.

So I’ve had yeast infections on and off for a few years. I never got them treated because I didn’t think they were too big of a deal, they always went away, and they didn’t bother me too severely. Irresponsible of me, I know. I’ve had a pretty bad yeast infection for the past few months so I went to a gynecologist for the first time about 3 months ago. She confirmed that it was a yeast infection because I was having the typical symptoms of one (cottage cheese white discharge, itchiness, discomfort). She prescribed me medication but I never picked it up from the pharmacy because I was afraid of the price being high. I know, it was stupid of me. I decided to pick up Monistat at the drug store to treat my infection, and I followed the instructions carefully but after a week it didn’t work at all. After a few weeks, the infection seemingly went away briefly but quickly came back. Okay so during the time that I had the yeast infection, I had been having a weird pain in a specific area of my vagina but I thought it was just a normal symptom of the infection. It would hurt especially during sex and when I would wipe (it felt like an open cut or something). The area it hurt in was the area under my clit and lips, but before the vaginal hole. The other day, I was feeling around in that area because it felt like the pain was getting worse. I felt something weird, like an odd bump so I took a picture of it to see it better and it was an ulcer, which my gynecologist confirmed. It was yellowish white, sort of concave, and there was a much smaller one next to it that looked like a little brownish yellow scab. I rushed to my gynecologist and she took a sample to test for herpes. She said it could be herpes but it could also be some other type of ulcer. However, 2 days after seeing her, about 8 more of them have appeared out of nowhere. Every morning and night I take a picture and they look completely different in each picture and they pop up out of NOWHERE. With a facial pimple, it’s obvious that a pimple is forming because the area gets red and whatever; but with these ulcers, there’s no indication of one coming. The ulcers are extremely painful. They’re yellowish white, the ones that popped up today look like tiny scabs. It’s difficult to urinate and wipe because they hurt so bad. I’m waiting on blood tests to see if it is herpes.

Is this likely herpes? Is it possible that it’s NOT herpes? That it could be from a severe yeast infection or something else entirely? And if it likely is herpes, how could I have gotten it?? My boyfriend has NO symptoms of genital or oral herpes and he never has. Also, we had sex while I was experiencing pain in that area, so how is he not showing any symptoms? I’m extremely worried. I don’t understand how I could have gotten it and why my boyfriend is having no symptoms. Please keep in mind that I've never cheated on my boyfriend, although it's possible he cheated on me. I trust him though and think it's very unlikely. Another question: if my boyfriend had oral herpes and he transmitted it to my genitals, is it possible that it is curable? Like if it's an oral herpes strand so it's technically not genital?
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