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Hormone imbalance?

I am a 29 year old female with a 4 year old boy. On september 28th I started a intenses workout program...P90X, which is 60 minutes of strenuous excersise 6 days a week.  I gained 10 lbs with no change in measurements, but my muscles are pretty big now.  

However after starting the program my cycles changed. sept to oct cycle was 26 days, oct to nov cycle was 25 days and the I spotted after every workout and some mornings for the week ovulation was possible to occur.  My November to december cycle then lasted 32 days.  The days leading up to my period I was a ticking time bomb of anger, and would blow up at absolutely every minor thing, then I started getting cramps for a few days before menstruation (which I never really get), I have been so full of big under skin zits on my jawline, neck and back of neck. I got sore boobs (unusual for me) and then  I spotted the day before my period started and bled fairly heavy (for me), soaking pads and super tampons for 2 days and now Im back to spotting.  I peed on a stick wich came back neg.... and I didn't have sex the whole week ovulation was possible.... however my husband and I have succesfully practiced pull out method for the past 4 years.

anywho my question is...could this be caused by a hormone imbalance brought on by my intense workout?  even tho Im only spotting, Im still cramping.  My family doc is booked up until the new year, so I can't see her anytime soon.
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Just to let everyone who maybe searching for answers with similar issues.  My dr said it's very unlikey that a hormone imbalance would occur from an intense workout... But a loss of fat that is usually used in metabolism etc can throw off the bodies methods.  My dr has prescribed me nuvaring to help me deal with the mid cycle bleeding as well as for birth control.  I have since had even more mid cycle bleeding.  I was sent for blood work to check thyroid levels as well as a pregnancy test.  I just got off the phone with my dr office and the blood preggo test is negative... However I have been suffering with low back pain, dizzy spells upon standing, nausea once in awhile...
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A lot of athletes will tell you they too have stuffed up periods and anger problems. Sadly the female body is very sensitive to what goes on and heavy duty excersise is not part of the 'get pregnant to continue the human race' agenda. The body reacts, as it has done in your case.
You are extremely lucky you after 4 years you haven't got pregnant using the pull out method. It normally extremely unreliable.

Perhaps tone down the exersise for a few weeks and see if things start to settle.
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