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Everyone is talking about the problem of sweating, but no one and tell us how to fix it.
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Hi there.  well, what is the root cause of the excessive sweating (if that is what you are talking about)?  The most important thing someone with excessive sweating can do is to have a complete physical to look for any medical conditions that are contributing.  Things such as diabetes, thyroid issues, endocarditis, heart issues, fever from something going on in the body, menopause, hormonal changes, various issues such as leukemia, all can be associated with excessive sweating.  There is a condition called hyperhidrosis which is JUST excessive sweating.

So, often to 'do something' about the sweating, you have to know why it is happening and treat the underlying condition.

When the issue turns out to be hyperhidrosis, they do have different things they can do to treat it.  There are special antiperspirants that can be used.  There is a procedure called inotophoresis which involves an electrical current being used in hands, feet and under arms (not supposed to hurt), they even use botox to treat it.  

But you need to go over these types of treatments with a doctor.  First, find out why it is happening.  good luck
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If you are excessively sweating but otherwise are perfectly healthy,
the doctor can inject Botox into your armpits, that is supposed to work very well.
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