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How do I fix my period issues?

Hello, I have had some issues this year with my period. I was two months into 2020 before I realized I wasn't having my period so I tried to induce it by eating specific foods and it came back but ever since then its not a lot of blood and its mostly dark and smells fowl. So I remember being fingered and I think he went a little too hard and it hurt so I think this might be the reason. It doesn't hurt that badly but its hard to get it to happen. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. And before this year I mostly had a good blood flow so I'm not sure what is wrong.
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Hi. Fingering would not impact your period.  :>)  Really, that isn't going to impact anything.  But your hormones will.  Now, pregnancy from fingering is not a concern so if you haven't had a penis in your vagina, do not worry about pregnancy even if you are irregular and not getting a period. Again, hormones are going to be the issue.  How old are you?  Are you in the teen years? Being irregular is extremely common in the teen years. And when not in the teen years, it is also something that can happen to anyone.  I know that I was sometimes irregular in my teens and then in my 20's, my thyroid was a little slow and I had a period every three to four months!  Some women have longer cycles (when you contently get periods more than 28 days apart) and it is not a problem or abnormal.  It's their normal.  Do you track your period?  I'd get a period tracker.  You an use the one on this site which is on your profile page or download a tracker to your phone.  Then you will see how many days apart your period is.  The first day of your period is cycle day 1 and you keep counting from there until the day before you get your next period (as determined by when it starts).  That's a cycle.  And there is the average cycle and your normal.  Do you have an ob/gyn that you see?  A check up is a good idea. They can do some blood work to see what's up with your hormones but often a remedy that fixes this is going on the pill.  But let's start with your age and we'll go from there.  
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I have actually had sex before with a penis in my vagina so yes that is another concern. I am 22 years old so an adult. I've only had this type of irregularity since this year of my life. I don't have a ob/gyn and I am a little hesitant to bring it up to my mom who would be freaked out by the issue and also it could potentially be a type of std and I don't want her to assume I had sex. I don"t track m period but I remember the day of the last month when my period started. I was actually supposed to see an endocrinologist due to my growing of facial hair, but my mother doesn't believe I should go, which I argued against. My doctor thinks it might be pcos.
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