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How do I get rid of my awful cramps?

I have a copper IUD that I had implanted a few weeks ago. I was promptly warned that my cramps may get worse, but this isn't at all what I was expecting. I should start my period sometime this week, and for the past few days I have had terrible, constant, sharp pains. They feel very different from normal cramps, the addition of back pain and thigh pain is very new. It is a dull achey pain for most the day, sudden movements of positions cause it to become very sharp. I have been in pain this week without any relief.
To add, I can't use ibuprofen because of health reasons and I am stuck with the copper iud as my only choice in birth control also because of health reasons.
Currently I use a heating pad for the pain but I don't know what else to do. I'm terrified they'll get worse.
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Take out the IUD.

It's possibly not the copper but the shape of the IUD itself that is the problem.  I had a copper 7 back in the day, and the darn thing poked me a lot.
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What do you mean by copper 7? I'm not familiar with that term.
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Also I'd really like to not take the IUD out, it's the only form of contraceptive I can use beside condoms.
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It's an old shape of copper-clad IUD.  I think it might have been recalled because it was capable of perforating uteruses.  But it wasn't the copper, it was the shape.  Glad was I to get it out.  Ask your doc if another shape of IUD would work better for you than the shape you have, they really can poke the uterus if they are not super-rounded.
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