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How long does it take for your body to heal after rough sex

Feb 15th, I had a sexual encounter. Normally, I'd be against all of that happened. But I don't know if it's suppressed sexual tention? I went for it. It was out of my usual control. Long story short, The fooling around was fine. It was the actual intercourse? It was like my vagina kept pushing it out. I don't know if I was too wet? or I just didn't like him as much as I thought. I tried going on top it kept pushing out. When I got him to go on top? It was still pushing out. It wasn't til he got my legs over his shoulders was when things got going. But every 5 mintues it kept sliding out. It was ackward because we're both over weight ppll. Harder on his end he is 40-50 lbs larger then I am. I was fine when I got home. It wasn't until the next day I felt like I ran a mile. From my ribs down to my hips it still hurts!.

None of my other encounters this happened. Normally, the penis stays in and more importantly, I've never hurt this bad. So tempted to see a doctor to see if my pelvic is infected. But a...this is embrassing. I do not know how I can ask the doctor. Ladies, has this ever happened to you?
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Yes, if anyone is going to wonder? I did make him use a condom.
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You will be fine. Sex is a workout.

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I know its supposed to be but its never hurt this bad haha
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If you are hurting, the yes, you should make an appointment and see your doctor.

Having rampant sex can cause urinary infections sometimes (Cystitis) and this is painful.  Painful to urinate as well as sometimes blood can be seen in the urine.

Urinate into a clear clean jar and look at it.  If it is cloudy that could indicate an infection.  
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