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How to treat bacterial vaginosis naturally?

What is bacterial vaginosis? how to treat it?
How to treat urinary tract infection?

almost everytime after sexual, feel Stinging pain when urinating,Cloudy or bloody and foul smelling urine...
How to cure it without taking antibiotic?

are you having same symptoms?
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I go throught the same thing every time I getl laid too. I have had issues with UTI's and BV, and I have done a lot of trial and error tatics. I have found that the only way to prevent a UTI is to take a Cranberry supplement everyday and drink plenty of water. It is annoying at first, but it helps alot. After sex, I usually take about 2,000 to 2,500 MG of a cranberry supplement, NOT JUICE!! With those pills, drink at least 32 ounces of water. It might make you pee alot at night, but that is what it takes. The  1. Acidic properties in the cranberry supplement will stop the bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder or urethra, and the water will help to flush out the extra bacteria. I also take a few Echinacea capsules in addition to the cranberry to minimize the chance of infection. As for the BV, I have had it chronically on and off for a while now. Flagyl did not clear the infection. It is not uncommon for BV to reoccur. I have found a Hydrogen Peroxide douche and L. Acidophilus help tremendously. The Hydrogen douche can be prepared as 6tbs of 3% h202 and a quart of water, which is 4 cups. Put this in a douche bottle and administer as a regular douche. Do not be nervous about the Hydrogen Peroxide, your vagina naturally produces it, but since the bacteria that is lacking in your girly bits is the one that produces it, which is why it is important to take an acidophilus supplement as well. The caps that I bought were like 10 bucks or something at the local pharm. If you buy the beads with a dissolvable shell, go ahead and stick no more than 2 in your vag before bed at night. I seen improvement in the first 24 hours. Good luck and I know that BV and UTI’s suck, but hey as women, we are amazing and can handle anything that comes our way. No matter how bad it burns or stinks lol….
PS…. DO NOT USE THE YOGURT trick. Not with plain yogurt, not any yogurt. It is disgusting mess and not very effective.
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PPs... I am a big fan of thongs, its pretty much all i wear if I am not going commando. But they are a big factor in BV, I evolved from wearing thongs all day everyday, to not wearing any underpants at all. Its very freeing !!
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i also  been having recurrent b.v. and i wore thongs for a few years, i think that is part of my problem also. so now i am going free also.not to mention the soaps seem to be a factor.
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I hav suffered with bacterial vaginosis for almost a year now. i have been trying everything but it seems like nothing works can anyone please tell me what to do
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