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Hypoechoic nodules on underarm

I had an ultrasound done on both axillas and breasts following a normal mammography. The report concerning my left axilla says:
"There are 4 hypoechoic and solid nodules with loss of cortico medullary differentiation and increase of vascularity in the Doppler Test color compatible witn adenopathy.
The size of the lymph nodes is: 48x32,5mm  34x14mm  25x16,5mm and 31x22mm.
US of both breasts ans right axilla is normal".

I am 50 years old, I had blood work on November which was normal and I have a history of anemia.
I had the US done because a week after I had the mammography I noticed the lumps, which are painless, but I do not have adenopathy anywhere else and I feel fine.

I am concerned about the lumps being hypoechoic and the result of the Doppler test and I am extremely concerned about the loss of cortico medullary differentiation. Does it mean that the lymph nodes do not have a fatty hilus?.

Since I have some medical knowledge, I would appreciate your honest and specific answer.

Thank you!!!

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I've noticed that no one has answered your post--are you aware that this particular forum is not moderated by a Dr?  We are a group of caring ladies who try to assist others with things that we have experience about.  Just wanted to make sure you weren't waiting on a response from a Doc.  There are other forums here that are Dr. moderated.  You can browse through them all and figure out where to best put your question.  Good luck--maryheather
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Thank you, I will do that.
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