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I don't have a clitoris?

Hi, I'm a 16 year old lesbian in the Midwest. My girlfriend and I were about to have sex but she couldn't find my clitoris? (And she's been with a couple other girls before, so she should know where it is)
I hadn't given it much thought before, so I looked up some diagrams and even a couple of irl pictures, but I could never find anything.
Now, I do have something that looks kind of like a clitoral hood, but it is short, thin, spread far apart, and does not even connect at the top. The area in between the two pieces is completely flat and when I touch it I feel nothing. It seems kinda like it was underdeveloped in the womb or I was circumcised or something.
And a second related question: if it turns out that I don't have one, can I still have sex and orgasm? I am deeply terrified of penetration (part of the reason I'm a lesbian) and I want to know what more I can do. Thank you so much!
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You might want to get tested being intersex.  There are tests they can run on you for a variety of conditions.  Some things are treatable with surgeries and others only need hormone therapies or other drug or supplement treatments.  If you want to have children sometimes that is solved by those other treatments sometimes it involves other more experimental things.

I think most people have some structures even if they end up ambiguous.  But I know from some experimental studies I got in on for other things years ago.  That there is hope for many things.  A study on brain stimulation with a variety of tests and equipment found you could record and transfer some sensations.  Human sexuality was in part of the study for people at long distances apart.  I don't know what is up with that study these days as that was done over 20 years ago.

Anyways here is a page listing the conditions and symptoms of each.

Thank you! That does kind of sound a bit right, I should check that out.
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I would guess you do have a clitoris.  It probably just wasn't erect.  When erect, you can feel it like the eraser on the end of a pencil, but if not you can't feel it.  Just poking your finger there when not sexually excited will not cause you to feel it.  What happens when you masturbate?  Can you feel something then?
I have never actually been able to lol, I've tried. Idk though it might just be that I'm not doing it right
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Hi there,
So there's a lot going on here in this post! I would first recommend seeing a female gynecologist to get an assessment on your lady-bits. That'll be important to establish if your clitoris is underdeveloped, or help you navigate to where it is. Establish this first and then you can start investigating ways to orgasm. If you have a compassionate and caring girlfriend, you both can play around and be vocal about what feels good to you. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you'll be able to establish new ways to orgasm besides clitoral stimulation.
Thank you! That is a good idea and I hope to follow up on it.
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