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I had a tampon for more than a month, how do I know if I have TSS?

and I neveruse tampons before,Iforgotthat I was with a tompon and I had sexual relation with my boyfriend,formore than a month a had this inside me, with bad odor and pain and also fever, finally found that I had in inside me and take it out with a very bad odor that make me vomit, now Im felling better but not good enough.
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Ugh, sorry to hear that.  It's always a shock when you figure out!  You probably don't have TSS as you'd be far sicker than 'not good enough'.  So, that is good news.  You can get checked out by your doctor to be sure all is well.  I have . . .gulp . . . I must admit, done this once myself.  I had no repercussions other than the horror of the discovery!  Ya, that's nasty!!  But if you have a fever or are in severe pain, definitely follow up with your doctor.  Other issues that may arise is a bacterial vaginosis situation which requires antibiotics.  But you'll know if a bad smell lingers for weeks.  You should be fine but for peace of mind, see your doctor.  good luck
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